Muffin 700x466 MUFFIN You don’t hear much about this doggie…Charlie tends to steal the spotlight around here. But this is our girl, “Muffin” aptly named as she is a muffin of sorts.

jan feb 2006 118 MUFFIN

Two Muffins…Phoebe and The Puppy Muffin

Sweet, sweet, sweet even if she does miss a few…she will stand with her nose at the front door for hours when she wants to go out. and more than once I have watched her as she stood in her crate, waiting to come out , unaware that the door is open….oh well…

she A very quiet Wheaten…as Wheaten Terriers go; she only barks at storms and they make her insane, she will run circles a round the house an hour before a storm starts and for the duration…exhausting in hurricane season!

We LOVE our Muffin!

pixel MUFFIN Leslie

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