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I love the internet, and how Social media keeps me all dialed in…I love Pinterest and Houzz…


House Beautiful – December/January 2013

but I still, more than anything else…

I love ripping a page out of a Magazine                                                                                         and sticking it on my actual REAL bulliten board…being inspired…wishing and hoping, saving and  making my Decorating dreams come true. Such is the case with the Coral Lantern.

HBLAMP I fell in love with this lantern, actually the whole house, that tortoise-shell crown moulding!!!

But especially the lantern as I was actively looking for a solution to our dark upstairs hallway, and in anticipation the new ceilings and wondering what I would put there, this seemed perfect…plus I was crazy about how she painted them!!!

I found the lanterns on shadesoflight.com 


SOL lantern

The “Charleston” lamps were originally $295/each on Shades of Light but were reduced to $159/each and if you buy 2 or more…$125 each!!! So TWO are cheaper than One was!!!

I knew that these Discontinued Jamaica Ticking Patterned Dash and Albert Rugs (show with my new DIY Kitchen Island Post Here)  IMG_8210 will be the rugs in the upstairs hall.

These pink lamps will be on the long dark gray dresser… think I am painting the picture frames white…so what color for the Lanterns….Leaving them the bronze color IS an option..for someone else… Upstairs Hall



but I have wanted a Painted lantern since I saw these by Tobi Fairley

the celiings are nearly finished. If feels strange NOT to be doing this work myself, NICE, but strange. THIS is just one of those makeovers that is better left to the experts.

so what color for the lanterns???Aqua is too obvious and plus, I have it everywhere! I wanted a new color. If you look closely at the rugs, there is a line of Grassy Green which is much more prominent in person. YES GREEN!!! It goes with everything, it is fresh and looks like a color they might have come in….It complemnts the pinks.



“Harbinger” party at the Design Bloggers Conference…I fell in love LOVE with these lamps…

so GREEN it is…I grabbed the lanterns on one of our warmer days…not LIKE today where we have a two hour delay because of ICE!

……and I spiffed up the lanterns…I am leaving the chain and the candle parts inside bronze….

IMG_8453 IMG_8455

Cost of this makeover… LAMPS $250 and Spray Paint $10…$260 for two dynamite lanterns!!!

and THIS is as far as I have gotten…the REVEAL will hopefully be this week, after the crown moulding is up, the  painting is done, the electrical is done and more painting is done…

…..cleaning takes place and THEN I HOPE NEXT MONDAY the hall

will be my MONDAY MAKEOVER and I cannot wait to show you these lamps UP!!!




If you were sitting with me right now, and happened to ask me,

“So, How was the conference?” I would say…’INCREDIBLE!”

……..and then, if you were to ask for details…you might find yourself here tomorrow, still listening to my deconstructed tour through one amazing week.

Fully aware of my propensity for going off on tangents…I am going to go all                          “Dragnet” on you (Google it)…and stick with


I have reduced the Conference to Pearls of Wisdom, allowing myself ONE TAKEAWAY point and ONE “FIRST” IMPRESSION DESCRIPTION OF EACH SPEAKER  AND a quote (or paraphrased quote)…THAT Had an impact on me.

Before the official festivities began…I fell in love with these two California hotties!!!

Jeffery Marks and Ross Cassidy-the nicest guys you could ever meet...

Jeffery Marks and Ross Cassidy-the nicest guys you could ever meet…

OKAY…First thing Monday…they were out of the gate and the hits just kept coming, I apologize ahead of time for the abundance that I will leave out…there was just so much…to take in, and to enjoy…


Clockwise from the left:

ADAM JAPKO—SHARP…”You can have a blog without a website, but you can no longer have a website…without a blog.”

WINDSOR SMITH —BALANCE  “Make sure you get in there to say goodnight.”

BARBARA BARRY—SUNBEAM…”Beautiful process equals beautiful product”


Kindred Spirits

CHARLOTTE MOSS—SOLID… “Exercise courtesy, remember that your point of view is a privilege, and is a voice heard world-wide.”

SUSANNA SALK—CLEAR…”If you are not enthusiastic and blogging frequently, then forget about it.”

NEWELL TURNER—DASHING…”Just imagine if you could…..!”


Newell Turner is one of these warmest human beings I have ever met. His excitement is contagious and he knows more about social Media than ANY teenager…and we know that is saying alot!…and I kind of have a BIG crush on him!

There were so many Pearls of Wisdom…words strung together …just so and in such a way as to make me have to take a deep breath…glistening sentences.. that try as I might I could not commit to memory but have become a part of my inner psyche…already guiding me to my next step.

…there were snippets, moments, like snapshots that made me chuckle…people, many names I forgot as soon as they were said…many I remember, Pebbles, Jennifer, Priscilla, Laura, Jeanne, Carolyn, Richard, Stephanie, Amy, Kim, Keith, Amy, Kelly, Jeffery and Geoffey and Ted and Christopher and Catherine, Felicia, Sheila, all the many many Leslies, Jelly girl and her Hockey Hubs, Boston Wine Guy and Finger Lakes wine guy and two people who have cousins in the band “Parachute. Many delightful conversations buying my morning Chai…I remember most because of their smiles or the way they laughed, mostly because of their dogs…I saw so many wonderful dogs…

…and Holly (the English Room) and her Multi media work station…

holly ….she is the consummate multi-tasker and all with an abundance of style and charm…and most importantly…a brilliant sense of humor.

Lisa Mende…who makes me feel slow…and those who know me…know that ain’t easy!

lisaandI It was Lisa who gave me that last “You can do it!” that got me on the plane and ultimately helped me…HELP ME!


I was at the Kravet showroom at the Pacific design Center…and I looked up from charging my phone, and nearly tripped over my purse when I noticed JENNY, and before I could remind myself that she IS JENNY, I saw her round little basketball tummy and just went over… and like I would with any friend who has been through a lot and came out on the silver linings end of thing, and I gave her a  HUGE hug and with tears in my eyes, I said “I am so happy for you! Now don’t forget to Breathe!!!”

jennyp Lets face it…Life is supposed to be lived, in the moment, and that is indeed what I did out there in Los Angeles…while a foot of snow fell on my Virginia farmhouse… and before I clicked my heels three times and came home, I was in the middle of a whirl wind of living that breathed new life into ME.

The irony to end all ironies is that most bloggers I meet are great -PEOPLE “People” and yet we live out much of our time, face to face with a screen, WITH a connection to sometimes dozens …sometimes thousands of “friends”…but is there really anyone there???

It can mess with a person. I was SO VERY grateful for the face to face, the warm hugs and the winks, and the laughs, the so many wonderful long overdue laughs.

I will keep the rest of my trip inside of me, feeding me and keeping me afloat…

I will be back Monday and we will get back to this mess of a house…there are whole ceilings missing, loads of things going on…

I can’t wait!!!!





almost exactly to the minute….I was strolling down Melrose , in West Hollywood, (Los Angeles…)

looking for Nathan Turner’s store. West Hollywood, where Melrose is located is Design Lover’s Heaven…One amazing busniess after another, textiles, antiques, lighting, accessories…eye candy and beautiful things, wonderful unique perfectly FANTASTIC things!!!

 I kept getting double takes because I could not wipe the BIG cheesy smile off my face…. I was so happy…I was  Home!


Mecox…one of my favorites… which has location is New York, Chicago, Houston, East Hampton, Dallas, Palm Beach and SouthHampton

I kept wandering into store after store…Mecox, Hollywood at Home – One and Two,  Hollyhock,…I had to remind myself to stay on track…that I had a mission. To Get to Nathan Turner’s store.

I had imagined this moment so many times…meeting him, seeing the dogs;  Daisy and Nacho, and just catching up on old times… Nathan and I go way back…way back…to  JUNE 2012. This was when I,  in a moment of total and complete Designer Worship, sent him paintings of his two beloved dogs:

AvdvnSeCIAEHUbq.jpg-large Daisy and Nacho.



I promise, I do not make a habit of stalking “stars”.. First of all….as you already know, I am not that good at Twitter. But I have followed Nathan’s and his design for a while now and I could not help but notice that…. in every interview, in nearly all of his tweets and in articles and blog posts written about him…the topic at hand was usually his DOGS FIRST…then His Home and his Life, then Design. He is so very gifted…but I do believe he has his priorities straight. He inspires me and he is who I hope to be when I grow up! I love that Design found him…but it does not surprise me….HE IS HIS DESIGN. He exudes the All AMerican charm and ease which epitomizes his Design…He is comfortable and relaxed…but I am getting ahead of myself…

Nathan Turner’s Book

So I moseyed down La Cienega (TONS OF DESIGN STORES) and took a right onto Melrose…I knew I was close…and then I saw one of my Design Blogger Buddies, “Pebbles” (great name!) coming out of a store…

I said to Pebbles, ‘I think I went too far…I must have passed it…I am looking for Nathan’s store.” ….and she said, pointing into the shop from whence  she had just emerged.. …

” You are HERE!!!This is IT!!!”

contact_pic She had just come out fo his store!!!! I could see him through the window, talking to my New Friend Holly who is an interior designer from Charlotte and who has AMAZING STYLE!!! Everything about Holly is stylish…including her name: Holly Hollingsworth Phillips…and I plan to do a WHOLE post on Stylish Holly, later.  She and Nathan go way back, even further than me and they were in there just gabbing away.

Talking Design and such.

I walked in…I think the bell jingled, maybe not, maybe it was me, and immediately Nathan knew who I was…and he came over and gave me the biggest HUG!!!

Like I said, I don’t usually get star struck…and I was NOT star struck…I was just so happy to be there with Nathan in his big Navy and White buffalo check shirt and wrinkled blue khakis…He was exactly as I pictured he would be…He let me sit down to get my knees to stop shaking .

He told Holly and his assistant about the paintings and  brought them out to show them.Nacho loved his.


 Holly left and then we talked and talked …about my life… the kids, I told him how Tate is now the Soccer team Captain and he told me about his 2 brothers, and how his Mom could not seem feed them enough…and we laughed about a certain someone in my house getting caught eating Jello with his hands, while standing IN the refrigerator…and we of course talked about our Dogs and I showed him pictures of my sweet Charlie and told the story of how he saved my life  and how last summer he had to wear a funny collar…



…and Nathan laughed and told me that Daisy had to wear one too…



We talked about Sweet Daisy, who at 14 is quite old for a Yellow Lab, a testament to his tender care. Daisy loved me taking her picture, but she said,

“You won’t mind if I don’t get up?”

daisy …and Nacho who gave me the full tour, made sure I was all settled in and then went to go lie with his belly flat on the cool wood floor.


Speaking of the wood floor, I feel quite remiss that I did not get more Photos of Nathan’s amazing
store. The entire back room is literally wall to wall WOOD, beautiful luscious woods, each prettier than the next, like works of art… they balance his whole aesthetic perfectly. I loved every inch of his store, and lusted after so much. Nathan appreciates not only the BIG picture but the details…the little
things that add up…
like this little Anchor soap dish that I cannot stop thinking about…
It was wonderful meeting Nathan in person, though I feel like we have known eachother…from another time…or maybe we are just bonded by our intense love for our Dogs and Design and the beauty that can be found in the everyday way we live.
Whatever it is…IT WAS A HIGHLIGHT of my trip and I cannot wait to take the kids in to meet him this summer….
when we do our WEST COAST vacation!!!


…..TRUTH be told, I would far more enjoy reporting to you about some amazing chandelier I got in Los Angeles…like these from my FAVE place…well I HAd many FAVES…but this one





or I would loved to have stashed in my luggage a few things at



HD BUTTERCUP IN LOS ANGELES… I could get lost in there for days…months…maybe even years…

WHERE I met some of my Design Idols…..


Me and Jeffery Marks and Ross Cassidy, a couple of Million dollar decorators and all around great guys. We mostly talked dogs and kids…

I would rather sit and read my new signed John Robshaw Book JRT_Prints_cover from HOLLYWOOD AT HOME

WHERE I am sure they had to haul out the mop to clean up the tears and drool I left behind…honestly the Textiles…basically everything there… Works of ART!!!


..but alas, I am home, in my own little “Greenwood at Home” , I have left HOLLYWOOD and even my new amazingly talented and beautiful new Designer friend  “HOLLY” of The English Room- Musings of a Design Afficianado” behind…I am back to real life and while not all makeovers are very pretty…they ARE important and in the end will make room for much beauty to be REVEALED down the line….SIGH



(left) one year ago …(right) today!

A little over a year ago, after years of lining the upstairs hall with buckets and before replacing the roof…our old plastered ceiling gave way….and came crashing down…chunks at a time…loud and dusty and messy….! Forces beyond our control contributed to the time lag and finally NOW, this week…the blizzard behind us…Our upstairs ceilings are being replaced.


Unloading the drywall

They will do the Hall, the master bedroom and bath first…and then do the kids rooms in April.


Hall last Fall…………………Hall last week…………………Hall this morning


Upstairs Hallway….9 years ago……5 years ago……last year


Relocating the Hallway and the Master Furnishings was what I did the day before I left for Los Angeles…the hardest hit have been my closet and Phoebe’s bedroom…no photo shoots today please~ IMG_8551 IMG_8550


…SO…THERE YOU HAVE IT..I am home and the beat goes on. Last week was just what the Doctor ordered. It was an amazingly Validating week…It was good to get away…I made wonderful new friends, invaluable connections, and met so many of my Design Idols. I promise to post about them this week. I was inspired to just continue on the path I have carved out….in fact, perhaps the sentiment which resonated throughout the week, repeated in a multitude of ways by nearly every speaker was…



more on my new friends…here is a sneak peek….

xo IMG_1770



We moved to My Old Country House in April of 2004
…almost 8 years ago.
My children were 3, 5 and 7.
It was a sweet time. All the times are sweet, but this was a particularly sweet time.
I had one child in First grade… a big boy. My sweet baby girl was in Kindergarten
…and the baby boy, the perpetual baby…was just 3.
My little buddy. Cooper.
Cooper helping clean

Cooper helping clean

Recently, I was driving my buddy, now 12, to his indoor soccer game which, if you have not had the pleasure… is one part soccer, one part Jai-lai and one part Dodge ball (for the fans).
..and I took a short cut through our old neighborhood.
Taking for granted that he knew it was our old neighborhood, I did not mention it until we were driving past our old house.
“There’s our house!” I said.
and he said ” Thats where we lived?
“Don’t you remember it?” I asked.
Without hesitation, he said
I was dumbfounded.
We have driven past the old house so many times.
And all along I thought he knew it was his house!
In fact, I am almost certain that he DID know it even a few years ago.
This is the only other house he has lived in…the house he came home to when he was born.
The house where he learned to walk and talk and be a person.
Yes, I know, he was a baby. but I have been here, right by his side, remembering all of it,
days like they were yesterday…
heck, I still worry about things that have long since past and people who have long since gone
 and he is so completely totally living his little life in the moment, right next to me,
that he has absolutely no connection to the past…
That part I have been powerless  to freeze or
even slow down.
I feel like I live in the moment, but am I really doing that?
Sometimes, I am looking in a drawer, and I run into a tiny sock,
no bigger than my thumb and I have to
remind myself, it fits no one…just the baby that used to live here.
I remember when my kids were tiny, being terrified to go away from them. I would worry…
that if something happened to me, that they would NOT remember me
and now my worst fears are confirmed…they don’t.
Once, when I had just One tiny baby, I was at the mall with a friend.
We were sitting in the courtyard, in our 
perfect baby, all the biggest messes stayed in the diapers…
we still had huge crushes on our husbands..BLISS...
.and we could not imagine being happier…
…into our peripheral vision…burst a Cannonball of a Mom, dragging a screaming child,
he was  10 years old, maybe 6…realistically probably 4 …I had no frame of reference…
they all looked so big…TOO big to me, and the Mom looked at us,
she paused, and smiled and said
“Enjoy it now girls, before they can talk!!!”
It was such an assault on our bliss… and I remember thinking
“DON’T make it go too fast!I don’t want this to end.”
I wish I could just enjoy it more without constantly reminding myself..or being reminded that
the meter is running and that the ride is over halfway done.
Why do I do that?
It’s not like I look at my dog everyday and think;
“Oh woe is me, at best you have another 8 good years…”
That would be pathetic. So why can’t I just be happy for who we are.
Especially when I know  full well that in a few short years
THIS exact place where I stand, will be
what I am nostalgic about…
THIS will seem little.
And Perfect.
When I pack them in the car to go to college…
THIS is what I will miss.
And I wonder…will they remember it?



#dbc2013 and understanding TWITTER

The week before the Design Bloggers Conference…I finally had to break down and do something that does not come easy to me…ask my teenager to help me with Twitter. I kept hearing the phrase “hash tag” and had no idea what that was. I mean I knew that this “#” was a hash-tag…but why was it becoming an integral piece of Social Media Lingo? The good news is that by the end of this weeks Design Bloggers Conference…I not only knew what it was but I was actively employing the little buggers myself!


For those of you that are as green as I was….Let me explain. When you are sending a tweet…it is like a little teensy snippet of what you are up to …at that moment..in fact, it was explained that RARELY do folks go back and read old tweets or ones they missed. So Twitter is a way to connect to who ever it is you want to connect with..right then and there.for example:

” @leslidevito #dbc2013 barbara barry is making me cry…it is like she can see inside my soul.”

anyone that follows ME and my tweets OR the topic of the design bloggers conference (#dbc2013) (WAY more likely) can see that tweet. In fact, for the two days of the conference dbc2013 was the top “trending” topic. What Is “TRENDING”? WELL,  They have a little running list, of whatever people are talking about on twitter at all times, and that is what is “trending”..i.e. popular...hot!!! right this minute the top trending item is

#sxsw (South by Southwest) …and grumpy cat!

03.09.2013-v3 So Twitter is an IN THE MOMENT social media device….

….so how do you send a “tweet”?

Well, for starters you have to log onto twitter and sign up. That being done, you can design your page, or they have backgrounds you can use to get started. Twitter is a social media device that serves different purposes for different people. At the conference we could all see, what we were all thinking and feeling and seeing and hearing as we all were on this ride together..from all vantage points…

upstairshall ….on a day to day basis…for me, I use it to link my blog posts and my artwork to a larger audience…espeically to people who I met for whom twitter is their FAVE device…they have MORE followers = more tweets = more exposure.

billythegoat Probably one of the BEST pieces of advice I heard, over and over again at the DBC2013 was that while it is important (if you wish to expand your horizons) to understand Social Media…it is more important that you find which ones work FOR YOU…

The Current Social Media Devices I use are :

facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, Google+

and of those the ones which are the BEST FIT are PINTEREST AND INSTAGRAM. BOTH of those are visual and help me to communicate my ART the best. I am pretty good at keeping up with Pinterest..and have a ways to go with instagram. Rome was not built in a day… nor do you need to feel bad if this is new to you. The world is changing…I thank God for my teenagers, because they have helped me get acquainted with the new Social Media…I want to be able to communicate in all the ways available…for after all…




Since my supposedly fortuitous move over to WordPress I have somehow lost over half of my daily followers…so I am not enitrely confident that this post will be seen by many…but in a way it frees me up to just pour my heart out.

I am a bit jet lagged. I woke up today confused…”am I still in Los Angeles?”

lets face it…I don’t get out much!



I am home, surrounded by the kids and the mess and the foot of snow and the love and the dogs and cats…and the love…I am home where it all begins and ends for me. Home, my home is where I am swallowed up by meaning and frustration and laundry and sunlight streaming through a window and catching a comet of dust…Home is what defines me and where I paint.


Tiger and the snow

For some reason I have been dragging my tail…not being able to compose my thoughts …about the Design Bloggers Conference, from whence I just returned into the fold. I think because I am worried it was a dream. A wonderful,  wonderful dream in which  I met, face to face,  like minded souls and conversations began in the middle…friends like you,  to whom I did not need to explain an obsession with just the right faucet…or fabric…or knob or shade…or paint color. And I rubbed elbows and toasted my Design Idols who made me cry when they talked about the dance we do…just getting ready to dance…I promise to break it into digestible posts…and soon, but for now, just know that I am returned home very very happy..full up to the brim with inspiration and purpose and excitement and feeling the love.


Jeffery Marks, Lisa Mende, Newell Turner, Jenny Pulos…and ME!

there is more oh so much more to share…but for today…my children need me, it is a snow day…and today starting now…I am going to be “Mom”…alll Mom!!!




April Is right around the corner

“April” Is right around the corner


at least in Los Angeles and I am thinking about April and how it is hands down my favorite month.April brings Spring and COLOR is everywhere…we have  Spring Break and feel warming breezes and the buds pop and our cherry blossom tree explodes. And April, just by the hair on it’s chinny chinny chin…brought me my dear sweet Phoebe Holiday.



36″ X 36″

This painting is the first of 10 I will do for an upcoming show which begins in June and which I promise to tell you much more about. But as our house is topsy turvy, and in fact, I am not even in my house but cosy in a quiet hotel room, I stumbled upon this photo I took one day as I was frantically trying to get some work done. I looked up, and from behind the chair and in front of the kitchen island, wrapped in plastic and  leaning against the wall..


was peeking at me from around the chair. And just like the day I saw her and snapped the photograph that became this painting…she  stopped me in my tracks and made me smile.


and I thought…

” Never forget to let someone or something stop you in your tracks…and make you smile”

Have a Great Day…Spring and April are just around the corner……



I am writing this post on the plane, enroute to Los Angeles for the Design Bloggers Conference…

Seated Directly behind me is Lisa Mende…of :


we figured out we were on the same flight last week…! back in January she gave me the necessary “You should DO IT!!!” to get me on board and I have been counting the days ever since.

More on all of that later….

I promised you a REVEAL of the Kids Bathroom..and then forgot to take photos however, lucky for you I have some on my iphone. I will show them to you…as a tease…and then when I return I will show you the REAL Photos!!!!

Medicine Chest and "Dottie"

Medicine Chest and “Dottie”

I am proud to say that the kids actually hung their towels up there without my scolding. I got each of them  3 sets of towels in a unique color. Phoebe chose pink, Tate chose the Cream color and Cooper got a Soft Gray. The deal is, the towels can be hung anywhere but on the floor. If I find them on the floor, they become mine. And eventually they will have to beg borrow or steal to dry their little or big as the case may be…selves!!! It has only been a few days, but they seem to be doing better. This view is unfortunately now obscured by the door and can only be seen when you are IN the bathroom with the door closed.  I toy with the idea of removing the door and replacing it in a trolley outside the room…but I am not sure if the proper amount of privacy would be offered and with almost 3 teens…PRIVACY is Golden.

sinks, faucets and the almost finished tile backsplash...

sinks, faucets and the almost finished tile backsplash…

I went with The Martha Stewart Seal Harbor Vanities from Home Depot. They were interesting enough without breaking the bank and compliment the floor and wall color . I am almost done with the tile back splash…in fact was working on it at 9pm last night…

I finally chose for the wall color. “OCEAN AIR” Hey! when it works..it works. This you may remember is the color of the stripes in our laundry room. The ceiling is one shade lighter…a Benjamin Moore color called “SEA FOAM, which is soothing.

The Faucets are by Belle Foret which I got from VintageTub.com

outdoor galvanized light fixtures from Lowes! Mirrors are Martha Stewart Seal harbor.

outdoor galvanized light fixtures from Lowes! Mirrors are Martha Stewart Seal harbor.

I got pretty jazzed about the sconces….

A. because I saved a ton, buying galvanized outdoor fixtures at Lowes and                                    B. because they look dynamite and hip and give off beautiful light.                                                 C. They also compliment the decor perfectly. The mirrors are the “seal harbor”ones that go with the vanities.

Long View, Hexagon Tile floor, Painting entitled "Come Home" by me. I love the play of pastels  in this room

Long View, Hexagon Tile floor, Painting entitled “Come Home” by me.
I love the play of pastels in this room


“Come Home”

The floor is the same Hex tile I used in the Powder room, an unglazed antiqued color, they look like they were always here, which was my goal. I have to say, I am in love with the kids bathroom. I strayed a bit from my artsy DIY self and just got much of it out of the box, but it works. Its new and fresh, they are over the moon in love with the shower (photos when I get home) that does not have the unweildy curtain that the clawfoot shower did). The kids needed more primping space, two kids can be in there getting their teeth brushed…, doing their hair, slapping on the gallons of AXE etc.

I kind of can’t believe that we have NEVER had a bathroom for our three kids like this, but such is life, we did fine and now we are even better!


I am so excited, although to be honest, right now I could be going just about anywhere and be excited. I spent the better part of yesterday prepping for the guys who are coming to replace all the upstairs ceilings…and that was about enough to send me packing. We had to relocate all of the involved rooms of furniture which would not have been THAT big of a deal except the rooms to which they were being relocated had been sorely neglected and pile high already with stuff stuff stuff. My husband filled two giant trashcans and took two car loads to our local Goodwill-like store that actually DOES give 90% of the money to charity. By midnight…the rooms were relocated, the halls were lined with cardboard to protect the floors, I was packed…and I slept for 3 1/2 hours and then left for the airport at 4:00am.



IMG_1689 While I am in LA…I really do LOVE saying that, I will keep you updated on the things I see and hear and do. We start today with a cocktail party with the cute guys from Million Dollar Decorators – Jeffery Marks and Ross (last name?).I seriously hope I don’t look too much like the girl who does not get out much, in my itchy new clothes…and shiny shoes…I plan on being a changed person on the return flight home. I even have plans to catch up with a few of my College Buddies!!!

til later….



AS we complete the finishing touches on the kids bathroom..

REVEAL on Monday!

I am beginning to pull all the ingredients together for the LONG OVERDUE


I have known all along that I want to convert a dresser into the vanity…With the addition of a vessel sink….Here are some of my inspiration shots:

Plans Now

Plans Now

Painting the Roses White

Painting the Roses White








all along I have wanted to use this dresser … Phoebe's Nursery dresser

Phoebe’s Nursery dresser

and purchased  this sink:

Cheviot Vessel sink

Cheviot Vessel sink

But realized, a little too late, that the center partition in the dresser would make the transition a bit tricky. Often what will be done in this instance is the sink will be placed off center…which I actually kind of like, but in our case,we are working with the existing footprint (story of my life…maybe a good name for this blog!) and thus, the sink needs to be centered on whatever piece I use. back to square one…I took a shopping trip around the house to see if any of the dressers “in stock” could be adapted…


Calypso Blue Dresser Dining Room Serpentine Chest - too rickety

Dining Room Buffet - too tall
Dining Room Serpentine Chest – too rickety
Phoebe's Rugby Dresser ...not bad, but then what would Phoebe do? Plus...center partition issue

Phoebe’s Rugby Dresser …not bad, but then what would Phoebe do? Plus…center partition issue

and finally OUR dresser…which is really pretty perfect for the vanity…except well, then what would I do?

Master Dresser...perfect...but where do I put my clothes?

Master Dresser…perfect…but where do I put my clothes?

so..I went shopping at all of my favorite used furniture stores, for some sort of piece, console, dresser, whatever…i knew I would know when I saw it…and just when I was about to give up…

there it was…a 53″ bowfront tiger oak dresser…ALREADY made into a VANITY!!!!

vanitydresser My husband picks it up today. The sink is actually a nice one, the PORTRAIT sink by KOHLER… but it has seen better days so I am replacing  the sink.

THIS sink will hopefully go in my Dresser…I had originally selected the “Memoirs” sink, but the pre cut dimensions are a bit off…this sink will be perfect and the curved front will complement the lines of the Dresser which I am more in love with every day…


Archer Sink by Kohler

so bit by bit, it is coming together.

I just wrote this blog post while I was having my hair highlighted! She needs to rinse me!!! I will touch base later!!!


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