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Part 6 of the Kitchen Makeover – New Kitchen Lighting…what a Transformation! Yowza!

You can see the old kitchen lighting reflected in the cabinet, I never disliked it, but
it did not give off the kind of light we need in this room. I am re-locating that school house fixture to
the front porch.

Like I always say…

“good lighting can MAKE a room”
and Bad lighting,
well… can break it.
sort of like a bad hat.
It is probably one of the easiest
updates you can do on ANY room, 
kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living or dining room and entryways
update your lighting and breathe 
NEW LIFE into your room.
and these days…there are soooooo many 
wonderfully affordable (or insanely expensive)
options out there!

Which brings me to our kitchen lighting.
If you have been following this blog you know that I have been
doing a slow
update of my kitchen.
So far, I have replaced all of the
 cabinet door fronts and hardware
and, well thats it.
We got a new dishwasher but that had to go back…
long story…not now.
NOW I have replaced the lighting!!!

I finally picked out beautiful affordable fixtures from 
 an errand run to LOWES
I knew I wanted two…
one for each side of the room, and the price

$98/each was right.  

The have brought the room up in style, lighting and have helped everything look better and brighter!

Now If I can just get rid of the avocado oven!
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2 thoughts on “Part 6 of the Kitchen Makeover – New Kitchen Lighting…what a Transformation! Yowza!

  1. I was cruising your blog today looking at pictures of Phoebes room and I saw these lights. I actually had them in my cart last night at lowes but wanted to research just a bit more before I bought them. They look great in your kitchen… think I will be heading back over tomorrow to pick them up for our art room!

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