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I love the internet, and how Social media keeps me all dialed in…I love Pinterest and Houzz…

House Beautiful – December/January 2013

but I still, more than anything else…

I love ripping a page out of a Magazine                                                                                         and sticking it on my actual REAL bulliten board…being inspired…wishing and hoping, saving and  making my Decorating dreams come true. Such is the case with the Coral Lantern.

HBLAMPI fell in love with this lantern, actually the whole house, that tortoise-shell crown moulding!!!

But especially the lantern as I was actively looking for a solution to our dark upstairs hallway, and in anticipation the new ceilings and wondering what I would put there, this seemed perfect…plus I was crazy about how she painted them!!!

I found the lanterns on shadesoflight.com 


SOL lantern
The “Charleston” lamps were originally $295/each on Shades of Light but were reduced to $159/each and if you buy 2 or more…$125 each!!! So TWO are cheaper than One was!!!

I knew that these Discontinued Jamaica Ticking Patterned Dash and Albert Rugs (show with my new DIY Kitchen Island Post Here) IMG_8210will be the rugs in the upstairs hall.

These pink lamps will be on the long dark gray dresser… think I am painting the picture frames white…so what color for the Lanterns….Leaving them the bronze color IS an option..for someone else…Upstairs Hall


but I have wanted a Painted lantern since I saw these by Tobi Fairley

the celiings are nearly finished. If feels strange NOT to be doing this work myself, NICE, but strange. THIS is just one of those makeovers that is better left to the experts.

so what color for the lanterns???Aqua is too obvious and plus, I have it everywhere! I wanted a new color. If you look closely at the rugs, there is a line of Grassy Green which is much more prominent in person. YES GREEN!!! It goes with everything, it is fresh and looks like a color they might have come in….It complemnts the pinks.


“Harbinger” party at the Design Bloggers Conference…I fell in love LOVE with these lamps…

so GREEN it is…I grabbed the lanterns on one of our warmer days…not LIKE today where we have a two hour delay because of ICE!

……and I spiffed up the lanterns…I am leaving the chain and the candle parts inside bronze….


Cost of this makeover… LAMPS $250 and Spray Paint $10…$260 for two dynamite lanterns!!!

and THIS is as far as I have gotten…the REVEAL will hopefully be this week, after the crown moulding is up, the  painting is done, the electrical is done and more painting is done…

…..cleaning takes place and THEN I HOPE NEXT MONDAY the hall

will be my MONDAY MAKEOVER and I cannot wait to show you these lamps UP!!!


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