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THANK YOU for the overwhelming response

to last weeks

MINI paintings release!!! Wow!

I have such gratitude for my you all – my Blog Followers who have been with me since 2011

and to all of my ART FRIENDS who make the thing I love to do most, painting,

JUST SO wonderful!


This was our last Mother’s day … 2007 – (My Mom despised having her photo taken)

Tomorrow would be HAVE been my Mom’s 87th Birthday

My Mom passed away in September of 2007.

Tomorrow would be HAVE been HER 87th Birthday

One week after her 73 Birthday, July 8,  she was diagnosed with Stage 4

Here is a funny little story from the last Birthday we shared.

My MOM loved to look spiffy. Nothing fancy – but she liked tidy Denim button-down shirts and crisp khaki pants.

      My Mom and I had a running debate over the difference between “STONE” and “Khaki” pants. She was adamant that there was a BIG difference. She was forever on the hunt for the “perfect pair of STONE colored pants” which she claimed were a far cry from “Khaki”, which were “everywhere”. I’d spend hours trying to track down Stone pants. Imagine the little happy dance I did in Sears – when I finally found her favorite elastic waistband, pull-on Chino pants in STONE!!! I was so excited that I bought her two pairs for her Birthday.

The kids loved going to her Assisted Living Facility where they were welcomed like little celebrities and given treats by all of the residents. On her Birthday, we brought in a cake and gave her a big Birthday Party in the Bingo Lounge.  Anyone that wanted to join us could pop in and the atmosphere was festive and joyful. My Mom opened her gifts – hand-made treats from the kids, toys for her cat – and of course – the pants. She opened her STONE pants and was like a little kid getting her favorite Pokemon Cards. She paused for a moment and I waited for her to gush with gratitude over my success at finally finding the Stone pants. She looked at me and said  – “I love my pants Lesli – but – do you think they have them in Khaki too?”

I felt my husband put his hand on my shoulder, knowing that my reaction might be one of frustration at what I COULD HAVE BEEN PERCEIVED as her lack of gratitude – but as the years have passed – I remember her honest inquiry with only LOVE. She was VERY grateful. She simply loved her pants. She was like a little kid and I could not blame her for wanting her MOST favorite pants in every color of the rainbow.

It’s funny – NO ONE has or ever will love me as much as my Mom did. I could do no wrong and she could and would listen to me ramble on about myself for as long as I needed to be heard. And it has only been since losing her that I realize how much I took that unconditional love for granted.

My Mom was the most Creative person I have ever known and I started painting again after she passed away – I think it was my way to somehow connect to her by being creative. And I am so grateful for the gift of creativity that she gave me.

In honor of my Moms Birthday, I will be releasing


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Thank you



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