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  1. I left a comment on your whole house tour. I tried very hard to keep my mouth closed, but it didn’t happen. I love your dresser fetish. And on top of your wonderful dressers are the most amazing lamps! I have a lamp fetish. I probably should start a blog when I begin updating all the lamps I’ve collected. I believe lamps add wonderful ambiance to every room. Especially when they are cheerful like yours are. I seriously have so many lamps in boxes that it will be shocking to get them all out. It’s like that wonderful thing you can’t pass up. They call to me; a mix of adorable antique and others just ugly that need some artistic assistance. Some day when I’m not a renter and have my own house to adorn, I will be like a kid in a candy store unpacking my treasures. Your lamps give me great ideas for color. Sigh…..

  2. Wow!! What undertakings, and such wonderful creativity. I’m working on our “dreaded” TV wall, and in yours I don’t see the “guts”–the cable box, DVD player, etc. Is there a way to stash those remotely? Thanks! ~Zuni

    1. Oh They are there, just strategically stuck under things, and I have all of the wires wrapped up together in the back, the trick is , for me anyway, separate them. I have the dvd player tucked on one side, the cable box on the other, little things in front of, but not blocking those, and then the art which distracts your eye….thanks for stopping by!

  3. Impressive!! I love your fun sense of color!

    I am about to re-paint the laundry room in my 1940’s beach house and love the color combination in yours. Our laundry room is next to our kitchen which has the original kitchen counters – white tile with turquoise tile trim – very cool.

    Do you recall the colors used in the stripes and the fun color of the door? Thanks.

    1. Hi Mary kay,

      Thank you for stopping by! The stripes are mountain peak white and ocean air, the doors are Fairy tale Blue. Another great one which has a hair more green is Baby Boy Blue – all Benjamin Moore. Good luck!

  4. That all white kitchen is absolutely beautiful. Your use of white and bright pastel colors is brilliant. I will definitely be adding it to my collection of kitchens on pinterest.

  5. Where can I find slipcovers like your wingback chairs? I have the same style chair from 1940 or earlier and I am having a difficult time covering them.

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