The Artist

HELLO! My name is Lesli DeVito.


and Welcome to my  BIG Old Country House in Virginia!

IN 2011, I combined two of my passions – PAINTING and DECORATING and started

MY OLD COUNTRY HOUSE – to share ongoing restoration AND rejuvenation projects of our home built in 1880, explore decorating trends, tackle color conundrums and share my original artwork.







I am a self taught ARTIST. I paint primary in ACRYLICS and love color…My favorite subjects are ANIMALS….and if it can be a subject- COLOR itself motivates me and inspires me to reimagine the world around in our rural Virginia home.

I have painted over 500 pets including the loved ones of Ellen Degeneres, Oprah Winfrey, Neil Patrick Harris, Katie Couric, Ricky Gervais and Cesar Milan.


I recently completed a DOG-A-DAY Project

and I am currently featuring 100 dogs in 100 days!  on my Instagram page 

I hope you will follow along!

ME AND CHARLIE- the big boy


I hope you will take the time to explore my blog where I regularly post about my Artwork, my Home and my husband and our 3 amazing kids,  my 3 dogs and 3 cats, Decorating on a budget…and  COLOR and basically whatever else happens to be on my mind!

You can also see more of my PAINTINGS on UGallery and my website –

Thank you very much for stopping by…I love to hear from you…what you are thinking…what you want to see…and I hope you come back!



photography – Sarah Cramer

36 thoughts on “The Artist

  1. Kristine

    SOO SOO happy someone on another blog I love mentioned your blog.
    Gosh, I love your blog, your style and philosophy on life I guess, I will be popping in very often.
    Why ? your home is a happy home and happy is therapy for me.
    I lost my precious husband in 2011 tornado and then other castastrophic events happening after that.
    I devote the rest of my life to happiness and JOY. God Bless
    Joie de Vivre

    1. Lesli DeVito Post author

      Hi Kristine, I am So very very sorry you lost your husband. but I am so happy you found me. I am here, and I will be here, and I hope to continue to share smiles with you. I mean, smiles are free last I checked and they do help! right!feel free to send me some too!xo

  2. Christina Jones

    Hi! I just discovered your blog and saw a post in 2011 where you had a chair reupholstered with Dwell fabric. Is your upholsterer still working and if so, do you mind sharing his contact info? Thanks!

  3. Heidi Kruger

    Hi! Love your blog. I am a color-loving gal too. I can see that we have a ton in common! I too LOVE J. Adler. I’m sure you know already but he has a line at and I wanted to share that with you!
    Keep up the creativity, you are amazing!
    and … yes, life is good, isn’t it?!!


  4. Jody

    Words cannot express how much I enjoy your work! I would love to live with one of your paintings. Maybe one day you will NEED a special quilt and we can arrange a swap – THAT would be awesome.

  5. Kathy Osvath

    I love your design sense and especially the fact that you are a” neighbor” (I live in Earlysville). I happen to organize a community group of women in Earlysville, whose tongue-in-cheek name is Eville Women. We meet once a month and invite someone in the Eviile/Cville area to speak to us on interesting topics. Next month, for example, the head of our local falconry association will bring her birds and talk about that ancient art. Would it be possible for you to speak to us in the fall…either Sept or Oct? We usually have 25-30 women who attend and it’s a lovely group. Let me know if you’d be interested and how I can reach you directly. Many thanks…Kathy

  6. Jody

    Hi Lesli!
    So good to hear back from you so quickly, and how exciting that you are open to a barter. Honestly, I’ve never suggested this before, but then, I never fell so hard for your kind of painting either! Your retrievers SPEAK to me, as well as all of your beasts! I would love to have a portrait of our little departed Jack Russell as well as our good boy Harley (Golden). Harley is getting on in years and his expression is priceless. “Jack” passed two summers ago – he ruled our household for 13 years – brave and stubborn and true! He was my husband’s dog, went on jobs with him, slept in the bed and is sorely missed. Every day.

    Now – I’ve looked at your pinterest and it seems as if we have very similar interests! I have an old farm house too, with the wide sweeping hallway and staircases. Your paintings would be perfect in my space, but what kinds of quilts speak to you? If you had the notion, my first blog (thedailyfiber.blogspot) featured some of my older pieces to give you some ideas, and the newer blog has a few modern pieces that I’m enjoying too.(thevanillayear.wordpress) Basically, I can tackle any kind of pattern that you wish for…any colors. designs, etc. Right now I am loving the Tula Pink contemporary quilts – kind of a Gees Bend meets Kaffe Facett.

    Let me hear from you when you can!

  7. Kate

    Leslie –

    I cannot thank you enough for the portrait of our dog, Sasunnach! It was beautiful, and the husband cried. I catch him gazing at it. You captured her personality perfectly. It was the most amazing gift —-

    thank you thank you thank you!

  8. Barbara Jolly

    Hi Leslie- I loved seeing the article about you in the Post and now seeing this lovely blog! I have always loved you color sense- and my, has it grown! So beautiful.
    I have some of the kid’s old handwork projects that I would love to get to you sometime. Tate’s socks, which I finished up for him, Phoebe’s painted handwork bag and Cooper’s knitting needles from first grade.
    Let me know how I can get them to you.
    Thanks, barbara

    1. Lesli DeVito Post author

      Thanks Barbara,

      and Thank you for finishing Tate’s socks and for hanging onto my children’s handiwork! Damon or I can come by school or they can be sent toour home, just let me know I can email you our address.

      Thanks again, Best, Lesli

  9. Renee

    Hi Leslie! I’m cleaning off my desk and just found a post-it with ‘My Old Country House’ written on it. I’m sure I wrote that months ago, and kept it because your website was so fun… :o)

    Love the colors in the bathroom you did for your kids – and that bathmat/rug – too cute! Can you share where you found that, please?? Thanks Much!

    1. Lesli DeVito Post author

      ahhh Renee, Thanks for the kind words and I am glad you saved the post it!!!

      The bathmats in the kids bathro are from target, I got them in April or so. Love them wash great and the colors are beyond perfect!!!

      come back soon!! xo

  10. Amy Dinn

    Hi Lesli. It was so nice to see you and your wonderful family yesterday, although I certainly wish it had been under happier circumstances. I just had to tell you how much I enjoyed checking out your blog this morning. I am blown away by your talent and creativity, not to mention the love and devotion you have shown to your beautiful home. And of course what make your home even more beautiful…is the family living there. 😉

  11. Christine O'Malley

    Love, love, love this blog, your colorful, beautifully decorated house, your advice & your art!
    I am inspired to declutter and get decorating.
    I’m off…..

  12. Claire Wieters

    Lesli! Do you ever offer prints of your paintings? My husband passed away suddenly in 2008 and His mom and I are very close. She loves cows and my children wanted to give her a cow print for Christmas? Sorry to bother but was curious! Thank you. I love your blog. I live in a house that was built in 1920 and needs TLC. We are slowly working on fixing it up. You are inspiring! Thanks again!!

  13. Debbie

    Hi Lesli,

    I just “googled” marble vs marble laminate and your blog popped up! lucky me because I have chosen the same farble that you chose. I ordered several large samples from Formica and loved this marble. My only concern is the texture and shiny finish; your pictures look fantastic and have given me the reassurance I need to go ahead with the project. After living with your Formica for a couple of years, are you still in love? What about the texture and sheen? Thanks so much for your blog!

    1. Lesli DeVito Post author

      HI DEBBIE,

      Yep still love it. Texture does not bother me…the finish is very satin/matte – not shiny at all. it has held up great. few scratches when the kids refused to use a cutting board, but that would eb the case with almost any counter top!!! I love it and would do it again!!!

  14. dawn thompson

    I can’t say enough good things about this blog! I’ve been trying to buy an old beauty of a home that has plenty of potential and your makeovers and your wise advice? GREAT! LOVE! NEED! You were amazing at the way you did the kitchen all on your own and saved so much money! WOW!!.. I only hope to be that wise!!.. I will for sure be reading your pages over and over, 🙂 !! I am also an artist of the mixed media kind, so I too know the love of the paint 🙂 ..please keep the post coming ! This has been a wonderful find.

  15. Dina

    Thank you so much for actually putting up the name of the actual green paints used! It seems that mostly everything I like is farrow and ball and i’m in the us. I’v been looking at greens for garage doors and I’m having a hard time. My house is a light beige and I have one big garage door and a smaller one plus the front door. I don’t want a minty or yellowy green so I just don’t know. Any ideas for such a big door?

    1. Lesli DeVito Post author

      I am particularly fond of the Benjamin Moore “Williamsburg” colors. they are timeless and work with almost everything. They remind me a lot of the Farrow and Ball colors.
      Check out
      Gunsmith Gray
      Nicolson Green
      Randolph Gray

  16. James

    Hi. I am challenged when it comes to colors and such, but would really like to give this Bergman Grey a go. I used the formula that was in the site, but the local Home Depot paint guy needed translation. Would you mind sending? I’d love to get a sample and see how it does. Thank you for this.

    1. Lesli DeVito Post author

      Hi James, The only way I can guarantee that the result will be close to what I did is for you to have it made up in Benjamin Moore paint. Each paint manufacturer has their own “Bases” and the base determines which direction what the result will go.
      ANY BM dealer will understand the posted formula. The paint was made up in Regal Eggshell.


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