my old country house


OUR DINING ROOM has been more rooms – than any other room in the house. It sits right off the kitchen – in our NON “Open- Floorplan” house. Which I like – because the possibilities are endless. Early on, when the kids were small, it served as a playroom with a booth for eating lunches… Read More THE DINING ROOM

my old country house


Once a year – I do a Memorial day Post. and not JUST a Memorial Day post – but THIS Memorial Day post. I think it is because this story connects me to the origin of my understanding of “Memorial”. I grew up during the Vietnam war. In the 1970s, we wore Prisoner of War,… Read More MEMORIAL DAY

my old country house


HELLO I’m back. It has been a rocky – up and down – very bad and very good year – thus far. Maybe that will be the name of my first book “Lesli’s Up and Down, Very Bad and Very Good Year” JANUARY – The first month of 2020 was going along well. I was… Read More IN THE SAME BOAT

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