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It started as a dare, more a challenge to myself . Usually February is a bit of a chore to get through… the winter blahs and such and I just wanted to throw myself into something . So I did, you sent me photos and stories of your dogs and I painted 28, well 29 of them. I wanted to paint 100 DOGS in 100 days and still plan to – but my life got a bit in the way and I like to respect my life.

Stay tuned to my Instagram @leslidevito -for daily dogs and stay tuned here for more home and design posts . For now though ,  go love a dog!

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3 thoughts on “A MONTH OF DOGS

  1. Got myself in love for all those beauties! They look amazing. Don’t know the fury sweets in person but I believe you caught their souls in your paintings. Thank you.

  2. Thank you Lesli – this is just so wonderful to see all 29 of your new furry friends! Cannot tell you enough how touched and honored we are that you selected our Finley. Bittersweet for sure….when we see your painting in our house it brings a smile to anyone who sees it! thank you, thank you.

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