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Back when I was doing the Living room…I fell in love with this sofa.

Lucca Sofa…$14,500.00

As a frame of reference…it costs $4,500 more than I spent on my wedding…and around $5,000 less than I spent on renovating all 3 bathrooms…AND the kitchen…bottom line…not in my price range. But GORGEOUS non the less.

THE more I looked at this sofa, the more I could see that it had similar lines to my current sofa and a light bulb went off…get a slipcover made for mine…

kittie 079….and so That is what I did. I bought some Belgian Linen Fabric on ebay…and my incredibly affordable upholsterer, whom I gave this photo to…made me a slip cover.IMG_7900

the back pillows are just standard bed pillows doubled up in each cover…this sofa has been washed countless times, and continues to handle our abuse just fine…

sofa with Tiger
sofa with Tiger

you can’t always get what you want …but if you try sometime…you get what looks almost like it


  1. Hi, Lesli! I live nearby, and found your site because we share a mutual love of ROXIE DAISY! Can you share your upholsters contact info {if you don’t mind, that is}. I haven’t been able to find one close by that does affordable, good work. Thanks for all of the inspiration!


  2. oh my goodness, do you know how long making a gray linen slipcover for my sofa has been on my to-do list? Ages!!! Seeing your sofa just brought that idea right back up to the front of the list 🙂 Love it!!

  3. Hi Lesli,

    I just discovered your blog and have been binge reading. Sooooo good. In the comments of your anatomy of a sofa makeover I noticed you shared your upholsters contact information. If possibly….I would love it if you could share that contact information with me. I also live nearby and would love to get my sofa slipcovered. Thanks

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