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An "ANGEL" on my Shoulder – Geep – and Happy Anniversary to us!

A life is composed of a million different stories….
One story began
November 5, 1994
We got married.
We honeymooned in Tuscany
and began our life, in Virginia.
Virginia is for Lovers.

Fast forward 17 years and a million experiences…
a million little stories…

Two become three and then four and then five…more stories…more chapters…

…time passes…more stories…

This evening we went out to dinner
and as the whole of us, 
is all 5 of us,
we decided to take the kids and go out
to a nice dinner
at Three Notched Grill
where my paintings are currently being exhibited.

…about 20 minutes into dinner
the owner came over and told me that
some customers wanted to meet me.
They had fallen in love with a painting
and wanted to meet the artist, who
they were excited to hear
was dining there tonight.

So I met the lovely
Fred and Nicole
…two of the sweetest… most in love people I have ever met,
They have an “inside” joke about
seeing some sheep or goats and not being able to tell them apart and thus,
 naming them

“ANGEL”…a Geep

Fred and Nicole are getting married, next year, in Tuscany…

So “Angel” the Geep, went home with a lovely couple…and I had the honor of
sharing in part of their story.

Everyone has their own story…this Blog is part of mine. 
I love that you 
are a part of it too. 

1 thought on “An "ANGEL" on my Shoulder – Geep – and Happy Anniversary to us!

  1. Happy Anniversary!!! What a wonderful story, and it is still unfolding. I am so lucky to have witnessed some of that story. Love to all of you, Rebecca

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