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ANNIVERSARIES AND TUNNELING OUT…There is a TARGET at the end of the tunnel

     Well, on September 20, 2007, 4 years ago , today, my Mom died. It was the saddest day of my life.

It took me a while to get my bearings. I had to re-define myself, or at least I had to learn how to be Me…without Her. Over time I began to dig myself out of the deep dark hole of missing her… by doing all of the things she taught me to do…it wasn’t really planned, it just happened, maybe I felt her closer to her when I did those things. My Mom was the Original Do It Your Selfer…she did it all…and then some.
About a year after she died, I picked up a paintbrush and decided to paint my living room Pink. When I ran out of rooms in my house…I started to paint paintings…and the rest…as they say…is History.

On the day my Mom died I remember I was sitting in the office at the graveyard place, with my brother and my husband and we were making the “final arrangements” and I remember thinking to myself…”Here I am, this is me, Mom is dead and I am the daughter of a dead Mom. My Mom died today. My Mom died today and we are picking which plaque to put on her little box and which way we want it to face.” It was the definition of “surreal”.

It all happened so fast and from her diagnosis to the day she died was just shy of  10 weeks. She had little time to process ANY of it, much less her final wishes..but she did manage to tell me…or her brother rather, who then told me, “Bury Me facing TARGET”. So of course…her little plaque and final resting place is facing the” TARGET across the street from the graveyard.
God I miss my Mom.

…and just because life is just this strange collection of bizarre twists and turns…as I was writing this …the dogs just started barking and look what was JUST delivered to my HOUSE!….

a BIG BOX from TARGET!!!


Last Tuesday before the Target website crashed …I managed to hop on board the Missoni Maddness train, no make that a convoy… and I ordered this Pouf which I had been coveting ever since I saw it this summer in the September Issue of House Beautiful Magazine…

..seriously… I was counting the days…to get my Pink pouf.  It combines so many of the things I love…Pink, Missoni, Target, and a really Good deal @ $99! no shipping. It is only available online.
After I ordered it, I  went back to the website to see what else they had and well…you know the rest of the story. The site was down for the rest of the day. Luckily for me, our rural Target still had Missoni items going into last weekend and I got a few fun items. But the POUF is what I REALLY wanted.

should we open the box?


WOW. The first thing I notice is that it is incredibly well made. It is bigger than I thought it would be which is nice. The fabric is heavy duty canvas, with piping and the construction is impeccable. But the color…hmmmm….a bit darker than I expected…


…It was called Rose Wine so I should not be surprised…it is exactly a rose wine color…but will it look good in my house?

I think it looked “Pinker” in the photo…
Are you kidding????
…I am for sure keeping it!
Thanks Mom for saying a little Hello.
I miss you Everyday.
 Thanks for reminding me
that you are everywhere
…I am
…even Target.

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  1. I am feeling every emotion possible right now by this awesome post. Sadness & sorrow to happiness & excitement for you! I don’t know you, but I feel like you shared a big piece of who you are! And I got a glimpse of a real person, not just a virtual bloggy person! I Love the Pouf!!!! I feel like xoxo!

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