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IT’s my BIRTHDAY!!!!

I have had a wonderful year. Living. Loving. Painting and connecting with You!!!

leslidevitosofaI am blessed.

I am not one for New Year’s Resolutions…but each year, on my Birthday I reflect and think about how the next year can be made even better, richer…The next year, like all years, is a my biggest gift! And in this year…

In my day to day life and what I want to do HERE is get to know YOU!!

! I want to switch the plug from “output” to “input”…I want to know your stories…what do you want to see when you visit my old country house? Sort of like when you go to the grocery store to prepare for a visit from a friend…what should I have in my “fridge” for you….?

Look for more giveaways and stories about the amazing people and pets and friends I make along my journey ….painting …I can’t wait!!!


For now!!! Have a Great Day!!!!

16 thoughts on “ANOTHER AMAZING YEAR!!!

  1. Happy Birthday! I often consult your blog for decorating ideas that are cost conscious. Thank you for all the inspiration! I am looking forward to what comes next!

  2. Happy Birthday, Lesli! I hope the upcoming year will be as wonderful as your last! I am blessed to be able to call you a friend! I feel like I know you now that we have shared our son’s graduations, my dog, Lola, and your wonderful portrait of her! Now I know you are a fellow “birthday on the 31st” friend…My birthday is August 31st.

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