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BACK in the OLD DAYS of COLOR!!! – 2005 -Found Photos of My Old Country House BEFORE

….we see it everywhere.
Funny. I did not know it went away!.
I think the return, actually means that color is now “en vogue”
Popular and sought after.
ll goes in waves, and like they say..
“everything old is new again.”
For me, color will never get old, even if I choose to use it in different ways.

I was looking for a saved document this morning, 
and instead I stumbled upon
photos of our house in 2005.
COLOR was in full force.
I still ache when I see how much the kids have grown. But it makes me happy
that unlike me, who moved so often , the kids rooms have been their sanctuaries
since they were tiny and crept into our bed at night.

I thought I would share some of this HIP color 
with you on this DREARY winter day.
It still holds its own. 
And while I dialed back the WALL color a few years ago,
to make way for the color in all of my ART, 
 I still adore it and would not have changed a thing. It was a VERY happy time.
The upstairs Hall, looking into the Kids bath and the sleeping porch
The Hall looking into the boys room…

The boys room, and a couple of Monkeys…

Phoebe’s room…such sweetness
Our room, shabby if not chic

Those footprints…they were so little, our bath is in the background…
I love that color and am thinking of going back 
to it, but first, what was it?
the kitchen…
More kitchen
The Laundry Room

The Living room and the Pink Sofa..

The Living room…looking into the then Dining room…
what I notice the most is how good the floors look…

….my little mermaid, the wall color was Laura Ashley “Cowslip”

go back and look at old pictures of your family…in your house…see how it has changed, stayed the same, grown with you or how you have out grown it.
Or if it has changed it all.
Have a Great Monday!…

4 thoughts on “BACK in the OLD DAYS of COLOR!!! – 2005 -Found Photos of My Old Country House BEFORE

  1. Laura Ashley “Cowslip” is the color of my downstairs bathroom, painted just after we bought our house, way back in the 90’s.
    I think my daughter’s room is the same color as Phoebe’s was in these pictures.

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