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36″ X 36″

This painting, a personal favorite, sold today on etsy 
(see me doing a whoop whoop dance!)
and is headed to Minnesota!!! 
There are few paintings which are TOTALLY me as this painting is.

I still am enamored by the whole concept…
(don’t get me started on the telephone)
…that I could post a painting… on my blog or on etsy and that someone, 
who lives in a whole other state, 
could see it and want it for their home. 
It is an amazing connection, the one I feel when I think of someone I have never met, 
 having and enjoying and even seeing things I didn’t even see, in a work of Art
that I have created in my outdated kitchen. 
Maybe someday, 
when I have sold thousands of paintings…I will settle down a bit
 but for now….I get so blooming excited!!!! 
Like I just discovered the telephone or something!!!
It is such a HIGH!

FYI- I have lowered all of my etsy prices, to wholesale pricing, for the next 2 weeks (until March 25) ,before my Gallery show opens. 
I do this once or twice a year to make 
my paintings more accessible to my loyal followers
So if there is something you are interested in..
 go on etsy grab it before it goes back up 50% or more!!!

Have a Great Weekend!