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MY favorite part of any makeover
aside from the results part
is “the HUNT”…
…this process has been made nearly heavenly
with the internet…I can go back and forth to home depot or that special faucet store…and never
spend a dollar on gas.
Over Christmas I spent hours, in the room with the
Christmas tree…listening to the kids play in the next room
….while I wandered the boards of PINTEREST
and aisles of
It takes time the look and even more to find the deals…
but I did it!
the boxes are piling up and as you can see, we have begin to treat them as furniture!

(if you click on any photo-it will take you to the source)


the sink

kohler Treham Toliet


the floor

the faucet (but in brass)

DOLLFACE “Phoebe” by Peyton Cosell at Flat Vernacular
…the beadboard wallpaper below the rail

the walls


Martha Stewart Seal Harbor at Home Depot
Kohler Memoir Toilet


faucet (s)

shower/tub fixtures


this is our laundry room and I LOVE this blue…”OCEAN AIR” by Ben Moore.
(looking at this photo reminds me that I have Not shown you my new dryer!!!)


we are not keeping the old tub…I know I know, But I tried, for 9 years I tried and it is just not a practical tub/shower combo piece. I love clawfoot tubs, there is no better soaking tub, but they are just a bear to deal with for the shower…with my kids anyway…and right now…all but one child uses our bathroom…which if you saw how nasty IT is (you notice I have NEVER shown you our bathroom) well, THAT is how difficult the kids tub is for them to deal with. It will be wonderful!!!

I start doing the demo this weekend and hopefully next week we will begin work on both baths!


  1. Can’t wait to see what you end up with!! Our master bath is high on the list (since I find myself sharing the 2nd full bath with our teen and ummm it’s not pretty) and I need ideas! Thanks for sharing lovely!


  2. LOVE the tile you picked for your floors. Very traditional and so lovely. Cannot wait until the day when I can tear up my generic tile floor and put down what would be more true to our house…. Love your blog. My husband and I are working on redecorating our 115 year old Victorian on a shoestring budget. Very fun!!

  3. Bless your heart!!!! I love looking and planning beautiful bathrooms, but hate the demo and subsequent bathroom sharing with the kids and the “unexpected” hidden behind the walls! I can’t wait to see how it looks when its done! I’m sure it will be fabulous!!!!

    p.s. I love your laundry room! I pinned it on pinterest months ago and didn’t realize it was yours!!!!

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