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Get the LOOK – Belgian Linen Window Panels

My Mother in Law was visiting 
and commented on my new 
Belgian Linen Drapes
“Restoration Hardware?”, she asked. 
Well, the “Hardware part is correct”, I replied. 

The Belgian Linen Panels from Restoration Hardware, that are the length I need 108″ x 50″, are $219 a panel. That is $438 a window  and $876 for the room. Okay.
    These are MY “Belgian Linen” Drapes/Panels.
Except they are actually NOT Belgian Linen, 
But A drop cloths purchased at the actual HARDWARE store. 
I cut them down the center
and stitched them with topstitching
and hung on clips.
One window costs $14.99,
or $7.50 a panel
and $30.00 for the room.

Look if $876 were within reach for me 
I would have the real deal in a Heart beat!!! 
I adore Restoration Hardware.
But These panels give me a very rich look, and when I tire of them
I have drop cloths! 
Gotta Love it!