34 thoughts on “better

  1. He looks like he is feeling so much better-yea! It’s all due to your tlc. So happy for you both.

  2. OH, it’s so good to see him out of his crate and looking like his old self……!!!!!
    I know you are relieved!
    It’s amazing how resilient they are. I remember when Jackie was attacked by a dog and she was just all ripped up…….she had stitches and drain tubes coming out of places
    , and I just couldn’t imagine her ever recovering. But she did!!!!! And had many more great years!!!!!!!!
    Wishing Charlie a speedy recovery!!!!!!!!!

    1. Aren’t they..resilient and so strong. I really cannot believe what he endured last week and now he is just happy…we still have a long road…but I know he will be back chasing the cat by summer…presently Gus the kitten is taking advantage of his state and comes right up to him…nose to nose…teasing…and taunting…”just you wait” says Charlie.

  3. What a handsome little devil… it’s those good-looking ones you have to look out for!! 😉 So so glad he is doing better… I think of him often and say a little prayer.

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