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Today was a perfect New York City Day.
Beginning with the weather – perfect, and 
ending with dinner with one of my oldest and dearest friends…
complete with laughter and crying and amazing food and sandwiched in the middle

playing tour guide with the kids and Damon, wandering through my favorite town in the world.
It was the kind of day you never want to end…
I NEED to sleep!!!
BLOGHER 2012 begins early tomorrow!
I am so excited and watching the 3rd episode in a row of
Project Runway…
Tomorrow is the big day.
Will it live up to my expectations?
Will I be boring?
Or even be able to talk to anyone…
I feel like I have been pushed off the dock and it is my time to…
well, sink or swim.
On my way over to the Hilton to pick up my registration materials
I saw the most beautiful face in the world…
walking towards me was Rhoda!!! from
she gave me my very first
break…way back when when she featured this dresser…

and she was so nice to talk to at HAVEN.
Seeing Rhoda brought me back to Earth from my 
shy paranoid place and reminded me of who I am…
we chatted like old friends and she put my mind at ease…
it was a blessing…
and NOW I am just quite simply too excited to sleep!!!!

1 thought on “BLOGHER 2012 TODAY IS THE DAY

  1. Leslie, you are a delight & I’m so glad we got to meet up and visit a bit at Blogher. I love your work and your decorating, you are so very talented. Congrats on the House Beautiful features.

    So that was YOUR dresser I featured, I don’t even remember when that was, but it is a beauty! I definitely want to do a Feature Friday on your house, so I’ll have to find your house tour and put you in line. You do gorgeous work!

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