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CHARLIE the Painting

30″ x 40″
acrylic on canvas
Charlie Dances…the Boogie Woogie

I think it is time to start a NEW Charlie Painting….don’t you???

Today is the last day of Summer!!!!
Tomorrow is the first day of school…
It all went too too fast…

when do you go back to school???

4 thoughts on “CHARLIE the Painting

  1. My daughter starts back to school tomorrow as well. My son started last Friday. Summer has gone so fast. Can’t wait to see your new Charlie painting!
    dee dee

  2. Our kids both start classes after Labor Day though for one it is college and one high school. BTW, how does Charlie do when the house is quiet? We have labs and they seem to sleep a bit more without anyone but the adults to pester. I love your paintings!

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