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Every week I think

“Maybe this will be the week I can get back to blogging”

But I guess it is just not the time yet. Those of you with kids in school know that this time of year takes the meaning of “hectic” and “busy” to new levels…compound my business with the schedules the kids are keeping and all I can think is “Summer cannot get here fast enough!!!”

I do not want to wish time away…not a second of it…so I will be away a while longer but I just wanted you, my dear followers to know that I am here, and I will be back…Thank you for hanging in there with me.

In the meantime here is a list of a few things going on:

1. I got the New Sarah McLaughlan CD and has memorized almost every word! GET IT!


2. I rearranged the Living room

3. Charlie is past the 8 week post surgery milestone and we are both back to sleeping upstairs in my bed!


4. Two of the three kids have summer jobs already!

5. I still have not found my iPhone which I lost my last night in NYC. It had pictures of Phoebe and Katie Couric. Insert very Sad face.

6. I got a hair cut!

7. I am RE- reading my favorite book (AND MOVIE)  of all time

“To Kill a Mockingbird” along with Phoebe who is reading it for school.

gregory peck scout atticus finch

8. I had a wonderful Mother’s day. I told my family that ALL I wanted was for them to help me “WHINE free” to clean out the OLD sleeping porch and that is want I got! I also was spoiled silly with new Tory Burch wedge sandals which are to die for – Maura turned me on to TORY and she would be proud!!! !

toryburchmagdelansandal9. The Party for my currently running ART show is tomorrow night at PATINA in Charlottesville.


10. My Darling niece NINA got into my Alma Mater FSU – GO NOLES AND GO NINA!!!


I will return, xoxoxoxoxoxo I miss you!

3 thoughts on “CHECKING IN

  1. I don’t know if you know but you are in the April edition of Old House Journal. On page 64 in a ‘restore/salvage it’ article. And it describes you turning a desk into a kitchen island. Unfortunately they don’t give the name of your blog….
    happy summer…..

  2. I love your brief “check-ins”! We’ll be here reading your blog when you are good and ready to get back at it. So glad Charlie is on the mend!

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