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The Christmas Hangover…

and just like that….
its done.
all the saving and shopping, and cooking, and hiding and 
budgeting and wrapping and decorating, and ALL of  the painting and making of gifts
and taking of photos and classroom parties and Candlelight services…
and if you ask the kids…
all the waiting…
all the waiting and counting down and 
finally it got here…
…and just like that…
…poof…its done.

and this morning when I woke up, for a moment, I thought

“Is is done?” 
and when I realized it was,
I was slightly sad but mostly 

and please forgive me if I say…
I was relieved.
…don’t get me wrong…I LOVE Christmas,
especially the reason we have Christmas.
and the way it brings us all together…
even the Christmas cards…
but it is rather unnatural isn’t it?
and often it is just another arena in life where
there is never enough…
money, time, gifts, food, patience, energy…
Life on steroids…all of it
It makes me dizzy.

…and so now, we just enjoy each other.
with the time we have
away from work or school.
back to the moments at hand.
…and well, yes…the new stuff.

we just live.

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