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In a few hours…
My little family of five will board an airplane
and fly to my Fathers’ home, 
the town where I rode bikes and horses and went to high school….
and got married…
…and we will join
All of our family and friends …
Say Goodbye
to My Dad.

I am 100% certain that a HUGE part of the strength I feel, 
…the ability I have to put one foot, right in front of the other…
has come from you…
…my friends,
many…no, most of whom I have never met, 
but whose hearts have lept across the pages and embraced 
held me up…
with your words of encouragement and strength, 
compassion and understanding 
and generous Love.
I will not be posting for a few days.
But I will be back next week..and we can pick up where we left off…
forever changed…
From the bottom of my heart…
Thank You

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6 thoughts on “COMING HOME

  1. You have been blessed with a lovely relationship with your father. The memories you Have shared here are so precious. I’m praying for comfort for you and your family.

  2. You Dad has the sweetest face in those pics. I can’t help but cry because I know that feeling of saying goodbye to those we hold so dear. Bless you Lesli!

  3. It was a great feeling when you and your father are attached to each other. I am agree with Rochelle that you have been blessed to have a lovely relationship with your father and I am hoping that I have that kind of relationship with my father too. I’ll be coming home this December hoping I could have much time bonding with my father. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  4. I just take a peek and I discovered your post. I suddenly miss my father,we haven’t see for seven years now 🙁 Hopefully this year I will be coming home . I simply love your post. Big thanks for sharing this with us.

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