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I am excited to once again be showing at the

King Family Vineyards

6550 Roseland Farm, Crozet, Virginia 22932.


I have been painting up a storm, morning noon and night.

Here is a sneak peek of ONE my latest paintings!

Friday aan Max


I painted the original “Friday and Max” this summer, and then….I did it again…it was a “failed pet portrait”. It has been hanging around…and one day, …I just started playing… with the colors and putting them right on top of the old painting. This is the happy result!!

I am loving this colorful impressionistic style  and and I have gone on to paint some more of this type for the show!!!


I also changed my signature with the installation of the UVA Children’s Hospital paintings. I have gotten feedback in the past – that while my old signature, “LU” is fine,old signature

it is a nickname that no-one associates with ME. This way if someone wants to know who painted those “colorful dogs!” ” ..

they can look up “L DeVito – artist” and find ME! at leslidevito.com!!!

new signature!
new signature!

Ahhh, the bittersweet long weekend awaits … Summer is bidding farewell … and we will celebrate the last few snippets of the season of sleeping late and fresh cut grass, life guarding, golf and grilling burgers, dinners at 9, chlorine hair and salt water and sand and reading a book or two and flip flops and double, triple sleepovers, the requisite squabbles in the back seat of the car…OH I LOVE summer so very much, and not just because my birthday is in the summer!  I will miss our summer, especially this one, the last one before Tate’s senior year of high school when change is on the horizon…GOODBYE SUMMER.

My 5 favorite people on earth
My 5 favorite people on earth…

We are off to our annual Labor Day Soccer Tournaments!!! Wouldn’t be labor day without it!!!   I hope you all have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend…whatever you do…nothing or everything…be safe…have fun and tell jokes.



…and can be purchased at leslidevito.com

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  1. Dear Nivea,

    I don’t normally respond to spam bots but I wish to say your comment very forced me to take a look and do so. You must be an Heiress with a name like “Walmart” !!!and ..”Goodbye Cellulite” …is that a family name?

    Flattered that you admire my writing taste, I has been working on my blog for quite some time…and always appreciate a compliment.

    goodbye and please don’t come back


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