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Cows and Goats! SOLD… in New York City!!!

….and it wasn’t even MY Birthday!!!
remember this summer when we went to NYC and 
we saw my paintings in the gallery there?

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
 to Tana and Don and Dryden Gallery in NYC and
ESPECIALLY to my dear friend Marc...
Not one, not two…
Three more of my paintings sold this week…
One on Friday and today Two to one wonderful person!!!

Tucker the Goat – SOLD!

SOLD – Sweet William

SOLD – Bonnie Blue Bell

Thank You! 
and if you are in NYC anytime soon,
 be on the lookout for 
NEW Paintings at 
Dryden Gallery
129 4th AvenueNew York, NY 10003-4904
(212) 420-1690

I don’t know who bought them , 
but if they ever see this blog…Thank You too!!! 
and send me photos of the paintings in their new homes!!!

…all paintings on this site are NOT to be copied without my permission…please. 
I Love for them to be posted on your awesome sites, but I LOVE to know where they go too!

Happy Birthday Carol!!! Coo coo CaChoo!

1 thought on “Cows and Goats! SOLD… in New York City!!!

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