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Disney World Scoop

We finally took the plunge and went to:
     Now, There are a multitude of websites and blogs that give
exhaustive practical information
regarding taking your family to
     For Example, this one gives up to date reviews and suggestions regarding Disney rides and merchandise. This one provides photographers, professional and amateur with an opportunity to share their Disney Photos and memories. And this one “Everything Disney World, is well, just that. Everything Disney World. 

     So I won’t try to reinvent the wheel here.
However,  I don’t think all the sites necessarily tell it like it is…not necessarily.
love this tile in the gift shop!
   So here is the scoop.
  Disneyworld is AWESOME!
And if I can say this, having endured Walt Disney world with 3 kids, 2 of them teenagers, in the 100 heat, and HUGE crowds, then I think it is safe to say…most people,  would love it.
 However, the experience is not without it’s pitfalls,
though none of the ones we encountered were things we could not work around.
LOVE this light fixture in the gift shop!
1. The Heat – Go early, and leave mid day and then return in the evening. The park is open until 1am. We closed the place down. And in case you are worried about getting your souvenir shopping in, the stores are open until 2:00am!

2. The Lines – OMG the lines, hours in line,  many of them. But there IS a way around this, first, save the LONG line rides for the end of the day when things slow down dramatically. In addition, there are “Fast Passes“, which you can get by going to the ride, running your card through (like a metro or a debit card), and these passes give you an “appointment” for a time sometimes hours away, but where you basically get to hop to the front of the line. In one case, we breezed past probably 90 minutes worth of “waiters”, to the front of the line. There is NO charge for this, just the time and effort it takes to go to the ride itself and run your card through. One thing though, you cannot run all over the park and get fast passes to everything, at least not at the same time,and a few of the TOP rides do not give out fast passes. But all in all, they are great TIME and sanity savers.

There are parades all day!

3. The Cost. Disney is expensive, almost no way around it, so plan out your days thoughtfully, either buying special passes which enable you to go back and forth to all
the different parks, or if you, like I do, have the opportunity to return, as I have family in Florida, pick one, and just go for it. We did just one Disney Park, and it was the Magic Kingdom. I worried that the teens (especially the boy) might think it too “baby” but they actually loved IT!!!, and there was plenty for their age to love. My adorable daughter kept saying “This makes me feel like a kid again!” I had to laugh.

The Haunted Mansion
It’s a Small World – This was always
My Mom’s favorite
and I remember when  I very first went
she bought the 45 record and
we played it over…and over…
and over..and over…

4. Foot Wear – I will cut to the chase here – Wear Sneakers – or closed toed shoes. The temptation will be to wear flip flops or sandals, I mean, it was hotter than hades, but mid day I went back can changed into my sneakers, for a few reasons. I was walking miles, for one, the ground is hot and hard and tough on the back but mostly I got sick of people stepping on my toes! In the crowds, it is just inevitable, you will get your tootsies trampled and sneakers will protect that pedicure!

5. What to Take. You are going to need a bag, or some sort, for stuff like sunscreen, cameras, wallets, sippy cups etc and so choice of back is importante. You will be dealing with your bag all day. I brought my ll bean tote…(blog to come)

NOT my initial, but I found this at the llbean outlet and all were $7.50!

…and it was perfect! It was not heavy, and it was nice and open and easy for me to see everything I was digging for. I tried bringing the back pack, and while perhaps it was easier to carry when I got pooped, just slung over my shoulders and back, every single time I went to find something for someone (because of course I was the carrier of all stuff!) I  had to dig and dig and that was VERY annoying.

All in all, it was a fantastic trip. And, I am happy we waited until the kids were older (relatively speaking)  before we took the trip to the Magic Kingdom, so they could take it all in, and remember it!

LOVED this lamp from the Mine Rollercoater ride.

However, there were a few times when I saw little girls in their princess outfits with a look of heaven on their faces, I would sigh and think, “Oh man, Phoebe would have LOVED this when she was a princess!”

Still, princess or not, I think the youngest aged child I personally would take… is 6. and I would bring an umbrella stroller (or rent one, they have lots of choices) for even that 6 year old. It is lots and lots of walking.

If I were going with young ones, preschoolers or toddlers, then for sure I would invest in staying multiple days, in a hotel nearby if not on the premises, where I could leave every few hours for rests and naps and cool down periods. It is just too much to take in . Think about how you feel when you go to a buffet…even though there are sooooo many yummy choices, if you eat too much, you just can’t digest it all!!

This photo was taken at 1:30 am!
I told ya, we closed the place down!
 So Pace yourself and have the time of your life!!!