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Everyone has one.
 That FIRST friend.
 The person you met before you knew anyone…
the first friend at school, in a new town, at work, 
the first person that sat next to you on the bus, 
or in the lunch line….
or when you are all grown up..
…in your Prenatal class.

Mine is Beth. 
Our husbands went to Business school together,
We both were city girls, transplanted to this God forsaken place 
that WE soon FELL in love with, 
if not ever completely, enough to want it to
  raise our families here.
We were married a month apart
Our firstborn sons are 3 days apart
the second kids, her boy and my girl, are 12 days apart
and we are Godparents to each others
third boys. 
We stopped at 3 , she went on to have 4 boys.
all of the photos that document our history are before the age of digital
and my scanner is broken, 
just picture lots of crinkly babies, 
tired Mommies with glasses of wine
 and  big pregnant bellies (not together of course)
and hers was enviably nice and tiny while 
my entire body
always Looked pregnant…
picture tow headed boys next to my dark eyed babies who
looked nothing like me and everything like their dad…
and sweaty heads and sticky fingers shoving cake in their faces.
Picture the moments that you never forget

We spent years doing everything together and many years seeing 
not nearly enough of each other. 
Life and Kids and different schools…
but the LOVE and the foundation has always been there and 
 it has always been a treat to reconnect. 
Catch up on the kids.
Marvel at how fast and how wonderfully they have grown. 
Keeping up with each other’s extended families, our parents.
Good times…bad times.
…there is absolutely nothing like an
 Old Friend.
Beth has the original Pink Cow “Emma” in her house
Now they are moving, 
finally she is going back to New England…her home, 
 and while it seems that lately we see each other rarely,
 it feels so strange…
like a major highway won’t be there,
 just in case I want to go that way.
Something dependable and often taken for granted
will no longer be there.
We have had a good long run and for a girl who moved every 3 years
growing up, I count the 20 years of our friendship
…a lifetime.
and “Ellington”, named after their Godson…Cooper Ellington
Yesterday, I was poking around online and I found
the listing for her house.
and there, in here kitchen
is hanging the painting she just bought from me at my last show
The painting of the blue barn
entitled “Waiting”.
We joke that when they move we will actually probably see each other more than ever, have more quality time. 
We always travel to New England each summer.
I will miss my friend.

View their house listing HERE

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