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Fig goes to the Big City!

 Its official – “Fig” is going to New York! with her pal, “Piper”. The girls are going to hoof it up at a Gallery in Manhatten. Thanks to one of my oldest and dearest friends Marc, the girls will be featured at Dryden Gallery at 129 4rth Avenue, between 12 and 13th streets. 
Can you say EXCITED! I mean, they’re going to my town!
Time to pack them up, and send them on their way, a bit of a daunting prospect, packing up a 30″ x 40″ painting. But where there is a will, there is a way, I only wish I could squeeze myself into the box an go see Marc myself!
with those eyes, she is is sure to land a contract with Ford Models, or on Broadway, or maybe a spot on a wall in a room with a view of Park Avenue!

and Piper just loves the nightlife! She can party all night long!
thanks Marc, I love you!