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FIXING THINGS like hearts

I am a Mother and  Nurse.
I see something that is broken…and the wheels start spinning…
.”How can I fix that?” 
….make it better, hurt LESS…be more beautiful, more functional…
….but HOW does one …
fix a broken heart?
 Times like these…
I long for the days when I could pop my children on my lap and rock their tears away.
The days when the level of exhaustion left sand in my eyes….
and I never imagined that I would think that anything about it was easy...
but it seems like a cakewalk now….

……time heals all wounds and everything of ANY Value
EVERYTHING I have learned the hard way.
From running out of gas…to losing boyfriends…
..and the hardest thing for me as a MOM 
(well, ONE of the hardest things)
 is to simply
Shut the hell up and 

“barn burnt down…now I can see the moon.”

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