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FLAT VERNACULAR and Payton Cosell Turner

I love wallpaper. 
I have been thinking about wallpaper for a while now.
 Ironic? yes. 

 Peyton Cosell Turner and Flat Vernacular

Ironic in that 100% of this house was wallpapered (including the ceilings) 
before we moved in and in fact 93% is still wallpapered, and we then painted over it. We contemplated removing the wallpaper and even made an attempt to remove some of it, only to find that in our case the wallpaper is the glue holding many of our walls and the ceilings together.

Did you know that in the olden days, in homes that needed to be wallpapered but that the walls were crumbly, they would put a canvas type wallpaper horizontally across the walls to then have the decorative  wallpaper placed vertically.
Flat Vernacular

So, back to wallpaper. Our walls are pretty busy already. I have art everywhere, photos and this and that, so I need to be very conservative when it comes to putting anything else on the walls, and that included wallpaper.
and then there is the expense issue…wallpaper is tres expensive..

But as we all know….
“where there is a will there is a way!”

about a year ago, I fell madly in love with 
Payton Cosell Turner:

 Artist, Illustrator, Photographer and Wallpaper designer…
….among I am certain, many other talents.
She just seems like the kind of person who is good at just about anything she wants to be.
I wonder of she can cook?
she was featured in ELLE DECOR
giving a big approving NOD
to her sticker wallpapers,
From Your Desk Blog
patterns which are somewhat traditional in pattern and then you get close and see that they are designed of child’s stickers!!! 

elle decor

hot dogs, balloons, candy, kittens…the list is as vast as there are things to make stickers of.

This Payton Turner
her site HERE
is my inspiration.

I have been stalking her site Flat Vernacular and finally
got up the nerve to ask if maybe they had any scraps, pieces that could not be used…remnants, and she was amazing enough to offer to me some pieces of my favorite pattern
in the “Phoebe”
color at a very fair price.
Flat Vernacular  Doll face in “PHOEBE”

color which is a dark stormy blue black grayish.
Payton sent me the sweetest note, on the back of a piece of wallpaper, and told me that all the pattern names are from JD Salinger novels.
I LOVE HER!!!!!!!
I am over the moon in love and now have to decide where to hang it.
I originally thought I would use it in the tiny powder room under the stairs but just feel like I want to have it 
OUT in the open. I probably have enough for one small wall, or perhaps the wall about the fireplace mantles…today I was thinking maybe the wall behind my bed?

I am just excited at the possibilities!!!


4 thoughts on “FLAT VERNACULAR and Payton Cosell Turner

  1. Fantastic paper! I have a roll that I pick up that I am still trying to decide where to put it! It is a removable paper which I’ve never seen before (think like contact paper!). Can’t wait to see what you do with it!
    dee dee

  2. Wherever you decide to put it Im sure it’ll be fantastic, just like the rest of your home. I was just drooling over wallpaper on Anthropologie last night and have my eye on two different ones. No way I can afford $88/roll though!

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