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Here is what the TARGET parking lot surveillance camera probably saw….

THE BOTTOM HALF of a woman is sticking out of the  trunk of her minivan, 
she appears to be getting stuff out 
and then the trunk begins to close, 
with her the upper half of her body…
 still in the trunk.
and in a move she fancies to resemble the QUICK reflexes of a cat… 
 the lady dodges her head and 
around the trunk lid …
she PULLS herself out of the trunk

are so abrupt and with such momentum that she
 teeter backwards…..

in fast little weaving baby steps, 
… at an angle….
and in slow motion
she keeps moving backwards across the 
parking lot, almost to the cars on the opposite side
and then…
she is DOWN!
and things go flying
lampshades and Target bags full of items to return…
…and from all directions people …
who have been placing bets on 
“is she or is she not going down?”
I sit
stunned and embarrassed
and wishing I had one of the kids with me so we could at least
laugh at how funny I know I must have looked…
and a lady with a cigarette in one hand and some food in the other comes over and asks..
“are you REALLY okay?”
she continues…
“I would help you up but…” 
and then with her eyes,
she points 
 to her occupied hands…
and I want to say…
So I picked myself up dusted myself off and
headed into Target.
A little bruised, a little shaken and humbled…
but ready to shop!!!

—-TOMORROW I will tell you what I got!!!

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  1. How funny!

    You are not alone in adventures like these. I always laugh out loud at myself too – I’m sure people think I’m crazy.

  2. OMG, I am cracking up! You are too funny! Hope you are ok after the fall… Nothing will stop you from shopping!

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