my old country house


hello friends

its been a while

In fact it has been almost a year since my last Newsletter.

As most of you know, but some of you may not know – My/Our life took a dramatic and devastating turn this year –

My Husband of 28 years, Damon, died on Valentines Day.

The rest of the year has been a blur. The initial shock – followed by months of  death certificates and “firsts’ – which continue – My primary focus  has been on my kids and their well-being. Reorienting myself to the new realities. The rest of the world somehow kept turning and time has kept passing – while much of my life went back to square one and I have slowly been rebuilding our world without Dad.

Life keeps happening. Cooper graduated from UVA. Phoebe is engaged to be married.

Tate and I ran and completed

the New York Marathon on What would have been Damon and My 29th wedding anniversary, November 5.

We have been blanketed in so much love from so many of you and We are overwhelmed with gratitude.

I have learned so much about loss and grief – albeit , the hard way , but it has given me insight into this part of life that affects each one of us. During this journey – many have asked – “What can I do ?” – The answer to that question is often a moving target and the best advice I can give to anyone who wants to comfort a loved one in pain  – is to just DO anything. You won’t make it worse by trying. But you might –  by disappearing. I know it can be brutal and heartbreaking to love someone whose pain you cannot “fix”.  Thats okay. Just Be present – check in even if you are far away, and keep checking in – as the months pass – it is so comforting to hear from people who understand that Grief is a journey which continues. There are good days and bad days and everything in between.

Many of you have asked “Are you painting?”

Painting for me has always been a joyful process. I wish I could say that after Damon died, I threw myself into my painting and emerged healed and brilliant  – but the truth is , that just picking up a paintbrush has been tough. I have painted here and there and I will paint again with joy when there is space in my life to paint.

So – in taking Baby steps, back to painting –

Over the next few weeks, I will be adding some Rainbow dog paintings to the website a well as new some Rotundas and Animal Minis.

In the meantime, THANK YOU for your love and support and patience.


The Holidays can be a difficult time – in general and when you have experienced a significant loss – almost hard to fathom.

I send my love and support and understanding  to those of you who are struggling . Keep taking those baby steps . They add up. Reach out to friends who are hurting if you can. Be gentle with yourself. It helps to help. But I do know it is so very hard.

People need people, we all need each other.

Thank you from All of us


Lesli, Tate, Phoebe and Cooper

The NY Marathon – When i saw the kids