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Life is BUSY. For everyone. Everyone has their own version of not enough hours in the day…no matter what your days consist of…there just is never enough time.

A few years ago…at a rather low point, when my MOM died, I sort of stumbled back into painting. It filled a space…and then some and it gave me purpose. I am self-taught , I do what I do because it makes me happy. Color makes me happy. Painting makes me very happy. Pet portraits kind of found me…and they have made me happy. Connecting to people, talking about their pets, many who have died…it makes me feel better. It makes me feel good. Painting has gotten me through losing my Dad, and Maura and Poppi. It has been my lifeboat.

half a tree
half a tree

I saw this tree at the beach, trimmed back to make room for the telephone poles…. I wanted to paint it…freeze it…remember how it made me smile…

I need to back away from my blog for a bit…not forever, but to recharge my battery. Paint, and live and be a Mom. Be a wife. A sister. A Friend. Be ME. Maybe even cook. It is not that the actual blogging part takes an extraordinary amount of time…but it is that I begin to live to blog and I am much too old for that. I want to be a bit more in my real life…live to find joy and create things that make people happy or annoyed…and then come back with refreshed ideas…gleaned from LIFE not pinterest and perfectly decorated rooms. I want to dig my hands back into my messes and not all the while wonder which part to photograph.

I promise that I will be back…maybe I will even put the barn door on my bathroom! Now, that will be a day worth reporting about.


Spring has Sprung and I am going to go take Charlie for a walk.

27 thoughts on “HALF A TREE…to MATCH MY BRAIN

  1. I started painting too when my mom died. Gave me joy in a bleak time. We all need to take time off to recharge. Praying your time will be blessed. See you when you get back. Enjoy. ( and hug Charlie for me πŸ™‚ )

  2. Lesli,
    How wonderful that you’re honoring your heart. I’ll miss your posts, yet you’re making such a wise choice! Enjoy life, the springtime, and breathe! Can’t wait to see that barn door up…whenever!!
    Blessings to you.

  3. I will miss your posts but like any good friend we will pick up where we left off. Enjoy your “me” time.

  4. I understand!!!!! Please know that your blogs have been delicious and honored and will be missed. thanks Michellle

  5. Hug your kids and Charlie! Hope the sun is shining on your walk.

    If you need any goat photos for inspiration, let me know. πŸ˜‰

  6. I get it, boy, do I get it. Have a wonderful time away.
    Nourish yourself , and be with your family . See you later.

  7. Good for you! Life is too short. Enjoy these moments. But don’t stay away too long, we might need another pet portrait! πŸ˜‰

  8. good for you for taking a break. I always wonder and sometimes cringe when I think about how much time (actual and ideas) it takes away from one’s family to be a blogger. So much for the working mom! I think it’s one and the same whether you’re a blogger or a professional somewhere else. When I hear about all the projects that occur on weekends rather than time spent playing with the little ones or hubby, I wonder “how did blogland take over family life” . So I salute you. Carry on!

  9. Hi Lesli, I did not realize that you are a self-taught painter. Amazing. Another painter (and cookbook author) I’ve admired for years, Susan Branch, who does lovely watercolors to festoon her book pages and blog, is also self-taught. Like you, she is effervescent and full of life—and I’m sure she takes time to recharge, too. Who doesn’t need that? So, put up your feet, take a walk, smell the roses or other seasonal flower in your area : ) You DESERVE a break. You WILL be missed, but that will make your return all the sweeter! Yours is one of two blogs that I look forward to daily. I read quite a few, but I don’t view every one every day as I do yours and Aileen’s “At Home in Love.” Like you, I have three children and I often wonder how we make it to Friday all in one piece. Add blogging, nursing a dog, home stuff, painting stuff and it all adds up to SELF-CARE TIME OUT. Enjoy!

  10. Leslie, I’ll miss your posts, but it’s good that you recognize when it’s time to back away. Enjoy this time and breathe. Spring brings new life, rejuvenation. Hopefully you’ll paint a lot. I love your paintings. May the road rise up to meet you.

  11. Lesli – Rest up, Love on your Family and enjoy LOTS of Charlie kisses! Time marches on and your kids will be grown up before you know it…Treasure all the moments!
    Take Good Care

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