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Hello Friends!

I love BIRTHDAYS! LOVE THEM! I have always said –

“I may not remember your name – BUT – I will NEVER forget your BIRTHDAY!”

My hubby just turned the big 5-0! AND….

Today – my dear friend from High School – Elizabeth – is having a Birthday! When I was the new kid in the middle of the 10th grade – Elizabeth was my first friend – she asked me to sit next to her at lunch and we have been best friends since. and Elizabeth is the baby of my high school posse AND She and I are closing in on a big one guys – so NOW we are ALL “in the home stretch to ____” (I aint talkin!)

SO – you know what time it is????


Order your Custom Pet Portrait before November 1 and save 20% !!! If you have ANY questions – feel free to email me – – You can order Custom Pet Portraits One of Two ways  –

1.  VIA the website going HERE or

2.  simply by emailing me all of your information, ( questions and photos of your pet and we can take it from there!

Either way – you save 20%!!!!





ALSO – In addition to adding a bunch of new prints of Original Paintings –

I added GLICEE prints last week! – They now available in the same sizes as the ART PRINTS. Some are even available larger than the original paintings! The glic’ee are printed on environmentally friendly wrapped canvases and frames and give YOU to opportunity to own paintings that are no longer available!

IF THERE IS A SIZE PRINT YOU WANT BUT DO NOT SEE – email me!!!! Happy to add it to the site for YOU!


  ….a little love note from me to you…..

This is time of year when is it all starts to heat up! Halloween – then Thanksgiving and Then Christmas and the December Holidays! Turn around and 2018 is going to be looking us square in the eyes! BAM!

This next message is for ME and YOU. This time of year – It is more important (and more difficult) than ever –  to BE in the moment – these busy busy days fly and it is so easy to get caught up in the rushing and deadlines and the and buying and go – go-going…that we forget to just BREATHE. And remember what matters most. Family, Friends, Love. Take it in. Feel the gratitude. Feel the Love. So let’s make a deal – I will breathe and you can breathe – we will all take a breath and be so grateful for each other.

Pinky Promise.

Happy Birthday Elizabeth


Happy Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday to YOU!

 Oh!!!! – and one more very important  thing!!!!! – it is impossible for me to put into words how MUCH your comments have meant to me. They have given me strength and a smile and have served to remind me JUST why I do this and why I love it. Thank you. Thank you so very much.


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