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Hi Guys!

Finally, I am here to share the “Living Room Makeover”. The term “Makeover” is used loosely here.

I think this update falls more under the category of “ways to add a little something-something to a room that has gotten tired” This was not such a BIG makeover that required days and weeks of prep and hiring of any outside sources of labor. It was more along the lines of  – One day – One gallon of paint and a little elbow grease.


But, truth be told, these are my favorite makeovers because they are the most “Realistic”. rarely do we have the funds, need and time laying around within which to embark on a BIG MAKEOVER. Usually, we just need a change. Sometimes the change is a simple as rearranging the furniture which can really go a LONG way to breathing new life into a tired space. But I tried that here and it wasn’t enough. I even parted with a sofa in an effort to open up and clean up space but it still felt BLAH.

Anyway – Id been itching to try a dark “accent wall” and so since paint is the cheapest, easiest and quickest way to achieve a change I dove in –  I used Benjamin Moore “Andes Summit” and painted the previously boring wall.

I have tried a few different paintings and settled on this one.

I love the color – and accidentally ordered WAY WAY more than I needed so I also painted a wall in my studio.

….the studio (above AND BELOW)  got a bit of a “makeover” too – it is much more organized and no longer doubles as a dining room – though we have been eating some meals in there over the break with the kids home.



We are all decked out for the Holidays now – which I love and also feel overwhelmed by at the same time. But soon enough it will be down and things will be calmer.

This rug used to be in my dining room but was mostly kept rolled up to the side to avoid paint spills. I tried it out in there and have kept it for the short term anyway.

Not a creature was stirring….

So there you have the makeover/non-makeover. I am starting to wonder if it isn’t time for a move. or a complete re-do of how we live in our home – making it feel new. I think because I have been so focused on getting adjusted to the “new normal” with the kids gone, it has been a little hard for me to just pick up where I left off – in my house- and on this blog. It feels like a chapter ended and that I almost want to scrap everything and start over – but I still really love my house. This year will be a good one where I hope to find some of the answers and let out new life unfold.


I hope that everyone has a safe and Happy Holiday. I will be back in the new year – with new energy and some fun bathroom makeovers – I have already bought the wallpaper so there is no turning back there!

Merry Christmas! xo lesli


  1. I’m glad you’re back! The faded navy color is so rich- love it.
    Your home is so great, can’t wait to see the tweaks and wallpaper.
    Life is full of changes, isn’t it? Catching my breath, trying to stay in the moment, especially with the holidays. Hope you enjoy it all- your home looks cozy and welcoming for your kids!!

  2. Why is it that when I want to pin one of your photos to pinterest, it says you are on “Cloudfare” (whatever that is) and it is not allowed? Very disappointing to say the least!

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