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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day!
I hope that everyone did something special
as a MOther
with their Mother’s 
for Mom’s everywhere.
Happy Day!

This is, and has been,
 for 15 1/2 years, 
HANDS DOWN my favorite Holiday of the year. 
I think it is because even though it is a day 
celebrated by millions of people, 
for everyone, 
….it is such a personal Holiday, 
as a Mother
as a daughter who had a Mother
we are celebrating our own Mother’s 
and our own families.

I just LOVE IT!

I became a mother 15 and a half years ago, with
 Tate Coltrane:

…then came Phoebe Holiday…

…and then, baby #3,  Cooper Ellington…

These are the three main reasons why 
Mother’s Day 
means Everything to me
and then of course, there is my own Mom, 
Bonnie Jean
“Nonnie” Bonnie
who I miss every day
 and who I wish was still here 
for a million and one reasons…
she would have 
DEFINITELY been able to help me with the sofa!!

Happy Mother’s Day to Everyone!