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HELLO – I MUST BE GOING – Dog-A-Day and more …


Dog-A-Day 28 – “Sunny”

The Grand Finale – Dog -A-Day 28

“Sunny” – the Sheltie. Appropriately named –  given her sweet “sunny” disposition. And one of the hardest ones for me to paint. Not because she was the last and I was exhausted- in fact – I feel like I only got better as I went – but Soft brown faces are tricky for me . Probably points somehow to my lack of training – BUT  I just keep playing until I get it right ! She took a few canvases – my husband said he has gotten used to opening the trash only to see discarded partiality finished dog faces looking up at him — but it was all so worth it . I really really should write down the steps I take when I am struggling with a color – because trust me – I will struggle again! Perhaps, one might say  – “maybe you like the struggle “ ? Perhaps you are right. It gets me fired up and the challenge alone – like the last mile on a marathon – fills me with energy !

Blank canvases – oh the possibilities!

So what will I do now that the Dog-A-Day project is finished ? Well – first I am heading to LA (if I get out – we were cancelled yesterday) for the @designbloggersconference . Why you ask – you barely blog anymore and your house is on and off for sale ? And I would say – “Exactly!” The group of bloggers , designers and talented creatives that attend this conference are some of the MOST talented creative kind and inspiring people I have ever met . I always come back so excited to get back in there ! They are just the little jolt I need to reorient and awake my blog in a new way.

I plan to post updates – snippets of each days presentations- the line up of speakers is exciting – the event takes place at The Beverly Hilton so I think it will be wonderful – but seriously – even if A Hilton desk clerk got on stage and explained taking Hotel Reservations to us – right now – I am truly excited to sit and listen and listen and sit!

So without further ado – here are the

DOG-A- DAY 2018 dogs !

(Bottom right to top left ) 1. Peaches 2. Bodie 3. Lucy 4. Zane 5. Ramsey 6. Kelley 7. Moses 8. Chester 9. Ella
(Bottom right to top left) 10. Tuck 11. Bee 12. Calla 13. Paisley 14. Georgia 15. Winnie 16. Henry 17. Harley 18. Molly
(Bottom right to top left) 19. Daisy 20. Aspen 21. Rugby 22. Ruby 23. Clover 24. Jake 25. Teddy 26. Madison 27. Berko

and again 28.Sunny

Each dog had an accompanying little “bio” which helped to tell their story – all are featured on my @leslidevitopaintings. Instagram page .

I am now off to the airport!

Do you watch the Oscars ? I have seen every single Beat Picture nominee for The first time in a long time this year!!! My husband and I got a pass at regal Cinema which enabled us to see every one of best picture nominees. Last Saturday, I took a break from painting and we saw three movies! I was in heaven! It is cool to think I will be right down the street from the Oscars this year! Maybe I will see someone famous!

Thank you Thank you Thank you for Your patience and letting me take the month to paint a dog a day I will be back to blogging this week and we can take it from there!

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  1. Lesli – you amaze me – each of these dogs have such personality and you have outdone yourself once again! Enjoy your time away – Kathy

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