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When I am designing and decorating my space…

One of the things I struggle with, is TEXTILES.
Quite often, I have a vision in my mind…but I either I CAN not find the right fabric OR
when I find it..I cannot afford it...

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you


Imagine my excitement when I realized that I could combine my passions:
decorating + painting + design + fabric + sewing = 
you heard right!
Spoonflower is a website that you can go onto 
and either buy Custom designed fabric
AND/or should you WISHdesign fabric of your own…
It is a step by step process, 
that is explained beautifully on the site 
and rather that try to take you through it. 
Let me show you what I did…
I started with this painting….
“Meryl” 16″ x 16″
acrylic on canvas

and through the different options – 
“PicMonkey”, color changing and rearranging
I arrived at THIS:
and then
if you go to Spoonflower HERE
you can see the this made up into a pattern!!!
I sell the fabric if you for like to buy yardage…prices to come.
I chose the cotton/linen fabric..
…and it arrived in less than a week!

To begin with, I ordered just one yard, but as soon as I saw it, I ordered more.
I hung it up to get a better look at the pattern laid out….

I had not intended to use it for drapes…but…
plans are made to be changed…right?

Yesterday, I made these two pillows…for fun…and to see the Pattern come to life.

…here’s a fun game…you know “Where’s Waldo?”
well…the other night, we had friends over, and we played…
“Where’s the horse?”

I feel like I have ONLY scratched the surface and I am already building a fabric design business…
in my head dreams…
I tend to get ahead of myself…but seriously the possibilities are a BIG as your Imagination will take you. 
I did this  PATTERN
 in less than 30 minutes…
JUST think about how much trouble I could get into in a day!!!
I have already gone back in and designed this print in  over 15 more colors!!!!
Have you ever designed your own FABRIC?



  1. I’ve not designed my own fabric, but I have ordered from Spoonflower and was really impressed. I’m about to move into a new place, and have been going on about how I can’t seem to find curtains I like, but now, thanks to you, I think I shall check out spoonflower!

    The print looks really good, unless you are told or look really close, you can’t make out it’s a horse, but when you do, it’s like ‘ohhh’, like finding a surprise! Well done!

  2. I LOVE SPOONFLOWER SO MUCH. I made a “conversation print” for quilting based on an 1873 doll maker’s patent image. It was so much fun. Now I’m using the Brushes app on my ipad to create images for fabric designs. I bought a couple books on fabric design. FUN.

  3. I just did a post on Spoonflower earlier this week…isn’t this the best thing ever? Your horseplay fabric turned out beautifully and I love that you’ve made it into drapes in your already fabulous home! I haven’t played around with fabric patterns yet (making my own) but this has inspired me!

  4. I’ve always wanted to try out Spoonflower. Your fabric turned out amazing and it makes beautiful curtains. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Gorgeous! I went to spoonflower and it said your design wasn’t available for sale yet. Are you going to be making it available? It would be great in my daughters vintage equestrian bedroom!

  6. HI THERE, I Just went over to Spoonflower to make sure it was “for sale” and public. This one should be. If you would like it in any other color, let me know, I will order the sample and then it will become available to you!!! Thanks for the Props!!

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