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EVERY year…I would think..
“I am going to TREAT MYSELF ….AND buy a NICE tree skirt..!”
In fact, side note….don’t you think a tree skirt wold make an EXCELLENT wedding gift?…the happy couple would take it out every year…remember their special day..
anyway…I would INTEND to bu a better tree skirt and  then I would either NOT find one I liked or they were too small for our 10 foot trees or I WOULD find one BIG enough and
not want to spend the BIG money….
And then there was the issue that so
many of the ones I found were..and I know this will sound counter intuitive…but they were
Finally..I just MADE my own…exactly the way the way I liked and in AQUA…ONE OF MY FAVORITE COLORS AT CHRISTMAS AND ANY TIME!

….and I made it for under $20!!
Supplies – new or used Twin (or larger is fine) quilt or coverlet
I got my quilt on the end cap at Target on clearance for $13.99!!! Queen size!
seam binding (optional)
ball fringe or trim (optional but OH so FUN!)

1. Fold your Quilt into quarters and cut a curved line like this:
Oh and I meant to draw this…also cut a small curve on the opposite inner corner for the TREE opening…

2. Open it up and you will have a big circle….like a donut, or well, a tree skirt! and Cut and opening..and then sew on your trim around the outer edge
and either hem or sew on your seam binding around the interior circle and down the opening.

Thats it you are done…enjoy your TREE SKIRT!!!

Walking out of the gym last week, I stopped to peek into the nursery…my guilty pleasure, and I stood there mesmerized and watched as a teensy toddler…obviously a new walker,  took step by meticulous step, across the room to get to the other kids….all while holding a toy pot in her hand. I waxed nostalgic about  how each of my children seemed to need something to hold…to balance when they were learning to walk.
Now, they are pretty good walkers…but they are still learning to stand up on their own two feet.
And in my moments of clarity when my ego is in check and I have had my coffee…I know that
my words, my jokes, and even my lectures are that little toy pot…invisible in their hand and as they navigate the bumpy halls of Middle School and High School…I am with them…
Now …where was I?
"Oh Christmas Tree-skirt..Oh Christmas Tree skirt!"
“Oh Christmas Tree-skirt..Oh Christmas Tree skirt!”
I HOPE YOU HAVE HAD A GOOD WEEKEND! I AM ABOUT 75 BACK TO MYSELF AND VERTICAL WHICH IS A BIG STEP! The kids have started the “Countdown to Christmas ” and their enthusiasm is catching and I too …and getting so excited for the big day!
see you tomorrow…!!


  1. I love your analogy with the little pot. As they get older, all those little lessons appear and you know you did your job. Happy New Year.

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