my old country house



I am still here – just not HERE~

It appears that I have been hijacked by non other than an 8 pound teddy bear!



SHE HAS ROBBED ME OF SLEEP AND MY HEART AND I am a willing accomplice in all her shenanigans.

I plan to do a post about the day we got ADDIE, it was such a special day and I want to remember all the little moments – this was the moment we met!


We are traveling this week. Our one and only trip, with just us 5, the time is precious and I am living IN THE MOMENT.

I promise that when I shuffle everyone back to their respective homes and schools – when life falls back into it’s quiet but somewhat consistent rhythm … and when I am FINALLY able to launch my new website – something I am a tad embarrassed to say won’t be happening for probably another month now – but for good reason – I sold much of the ART work I was planning to list in my show!!!! …and I need to create more inventory!

I sold this piece “Beautiful Girls”  at the show!


I am NOT one to procrastinate and put things off…but my LIFE..NOT my PLANS – is guiding my moves lately and I have to respect my LIFE.

Please follow along on my INSTAGRAM pages





I cannot wait to get back and catch you up on everything.

In the meantime…THANK YOU…to so many of you who wished me a


I had a GREAT Birthday

It was a wonderful day! Phoebe and I arrived at the beach right after midnight on my birthday and joined my husband who had come up earlier in the day and got the house settled, picked up the groceries, put out the towels.

I woke up Sunday morning on my Birthday to this:

the view out my window!

Damon went a few hours away to pick up Cooper who had spent a week with a friends family on their beach trip…while Phoebe and I played with ADDIE on the beach and I TOOK A NAP!!! It was pure heaven.

Addie lay next to me and while reading a book I drifted off and had the most wonderful Birthday nap!

me and Phoebe at the beach

When the boys returned – had a wonderful dinner at my favorite restaurant in DUCK which was followed by ice cream cake – my yearly request. It was my first birthday in 20 years without Tate…but he will be here tonight and then the 5 of us will enjoy the rest of the week here at the beach!


I hope you are all having a wonderful summer. I know for some summer has come to an end already and school is starting! For those of you with a little more time left – enjoy each special moment…even if all you have time to enjoy are the warm evenings – summer is magic-

and i will be back full force!!!!


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