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It’s raining is pouring..so we’re going bowling!

…in the meantime. riddle me this. I am now on a quest to make my living room wall, less awful.

I am drawn to this large arrangement of art…we have a large space to fill.

House Beautiful
however, as I have a large space to fill and do not want the art to compete with the TV, I am also really attracted to a cabinet 
like this:
Layla Grayce
or perhaps this:
Layla Grayce
and then there is always this option, if I win the lottery!
Layla Grayce

and for the price of that I could get all of this
plus this...
and this too! and I don’t even need it!
all from Layla Grayce….can you tell…I LOVE Layla Grayce!

oh well. time to go bowling!

1 thought on “It’s raining is pouring..so we’re going bowling!

  1. I love this mag cover too. I’ve saved it for 2 years and keep coming back to it. I guess that I need to get to work with my sewing machine.

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