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So here we are July 4rth…Independance Day….

…waking up to one of the most Beautiful days so far this year…Cool and breezy…reminicient of upstate New York…shocker of all shockers HERE in Virginia – this most humid of all humid places (at least in the summer)…

…In our case today, we have NO plans…which seems to happen to us a lot and I don’t know if it is an issue of a lack of invitations or a lack of accepting any or just being caught off guard by a day off. When I was younger I used to have an idea/fantasy of how things would be…lots of plans…cookouts in the Hamptons or the Berkshires or the Outer Banks or just the backyard with lots of friends and family…My ABSOLUTE favorite times are when there are lots of friends and family around.

I LOVED last July 4rth. We were  at my in laws…and we went across the street to a backyard barbecue at our dear friends the Cardish’s…

Best friends
Phoebe and Olivia – Best friends since before they were born…


There are friends you have in your everyday life. And there are friends you meet, once a year, at camp or on Vacation at your in laws…like the Cardish’s. You can go from a caterpillar to a butterfly and back to a caterpillar and no one is the wiser.  The subtle, invisible day to day changes are unseen but like a year long blink, the eyes of the vacations friends see how much has changed. Kids grow six inches in a year. Babies are conceived and born…Fathers made and Fathers lost… 

Charlie always makes the trip
Charlie who always makes the trip guarding my shoes! The grass was so soft and cool…I love New York Summers!


What a difference a year makes.





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  1. Cheers! We have no plans and are relishing the time to relax, read and do some yard work without all the miserable humidity!!

  2. I just loved this. It was the best for so many reasons and the two most important are the family and friends who are our family . thankyou for these wonderful memories. I miss you all so much but these pictures make me feel that it is today all over again. Have a great 4th and a safe one of course. Mothers have to say that. Love xoxoxo

  3. That certainly was a great experience to live the day all over again through your beautiful pictures! It was the perfect day and I cherish the memories. We miss you guys and hope we can create another special time together soon! Please come visit !!!!

  4. One of the things among many that I love about Oregon is the lack of humidity, having grown up in the superhumid Pioneer Valley of western MA. I can definitely see how your NY 4th from last year was so refreshing and rejuvenating…lots of joy and fun. These days, our 4th is all about Manzanita, on the central Oregon coast, an adorable little town that comes alive on Independence Day. A pancake breakfast at the firehouse kicks off the morning. There’s a charmingly ragtag small town parade at 1 with bands and vintage cars and wildly creative “floats on foot” and candy galore. A farmer’s market and live music throughout the late afternoon builds toward the 10 pm piece de resistance, a fabulous fireworks display at the beach, set to the strains of the Pacific ocean lapping the shore. What is it about the fourth that evokes such strong sentiment and nostalgia? Thank you for sharing your family photos!

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