9 thoughts on “KEEPING IT REAL….

  1. Oh, Lesli, this is too cute! Reminds me of the time our dog (as a puppy) chewed up the “My Good Dog is a PetsMart Training Graduate” bumper sticker, before I had a chance to put it on the car… (guess it could have been worse, if it was already on the car…) Keeping it real, indeed!

  2. What a sweet puppy! My dog ate a favorite shoe – just one, when he was new to us (he was a rescue). I couldn’t love my dog more. Hard to stay mad at such a cutie!

  3. I love everything about that second picture! Whadda face! Please, please don’t let him eat that wonderful pink fabric on the chair. I would cry. 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

  4. That sorry face is too much!! And the book Bean chose – too funny. I think dogs know waaaaaay more than we think 🙂 Our male Golden ate his registration papers for training school – sort of a twist on the dog ate my homework. And just this past December I tried to put down a pottery barn bamboo rug in the family room but our female golden chewed it up. She’s a rescue with some serious phobias and she gets anxious and eats rugs even though she’s an old lady not a puppy. We don’t have any rugs downstairs at our house!! It would be hard to punish that cute Bean!!

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