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Tomorrow is the day. The BIG day.


The summer was spent in preparation for THIS day… making and revising “lists”,  taking your experienced suggestions,  and compiling the beginnings of his Tate’s new DORM home. Yesterday, he and I inventoried everything, packed it up and it is all sits on our dining room table. Ready to go.



Tate is our first born…and such, he has weathered our inexperience at every turn. He is a trooper, patient and kind, and I have thanked him for forgiving our blunders. I know that parents say goodbye to children every day. I have seen my family and friends go through it and come out fine. And I know….we will come out fine. But this son, this boy is MY boy, I have never raised a child all the way from birth to adulthood…and then let go…it feels so unnatural and yet it feels exactly right. He is going to be great…we are close by…it could be harder on so many levels…but that does not mean that in any way shape or form…THIS is easy. It is the least EASY thing I will probably ever do.

Until next year…

There is no more to say…just many things to do. I will see you guys on the other side of this, and we can get busy doing all the things we do together. Until then…XO


11 thoughts on “LEAVING HOME AND MOVING OUT…and IN

  1. We only have one – so she is our “first” and “last” on everything and we have blundered through as best we could. That drive to drop them off and then home is just tough. No words of great wisdom here – just take Kleenex and have a chilled bottle ready when you get home 🙂
    And he is adorable and will be awesome!! My sister and BIL have 4 degrees from UVA between them. 🙂

  2. Oh Lesli, this too shall pass but damn it is hard! Even our dog was droopy after our son left for college! Hang in there and know you did a great job!

    1. Thank you Liza…Beans is very mopey today…his big sad beagle eyes looking for Tate to pick him up out of nowhere like he always used to do!Thanks so much for the words of encouragement. xo

  3. Another milestone as a parent! Best of luck to your son at college. He’ll have so much fun and it will go by so fast. And he’ll be back before you know it 🙂

    1. Thank you Mary Beth, He is all tucked in and Yes, I know, like everything else it will go fast…I just want THIS year to slow down…next year my daughter will head to college as well…and I am not ready at all for that!!!

  4. Big hugs to you Leslie! I’ve done it twice. It’s so hard, accepting this new phase and letting go of the old. You do get used to it after awhile but still…….. Keep your chin up!

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