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lensrental.com and the SOL’s

I am going to go on record saying
“I hate the SOLs”
The “Standards of Learning” Tests
I think I am in fairly good company.
And I think I am in such good company that I am not even 
going to go into why I hate them.
Why did I even bring them up, you ask?
Well, I am hall monitoring during the SOL’s this week 
at my son Cooper’s school.
Keeping track of the kids as they take potty breaks.
Their stressed little faces make me ache.
While I have been sitting here this morning 
There have already been a few kids who have made multiple trips…
…that would have been me.
But on the plus side, I have some quiet blogging time.

Anyway, I rented the Mac Daddy camera lens again
for the 8th Grade dinner dance.
from lensrental.com
I have a Canon xsi body and this lens… 
the Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L
…is compatible with my camera body
My pro photographer friend said this lens is a MUST have if you do 
lots of Portrait work. 
It takes killer interior shots.
It retails around $1500
(almost more than my sofa!)
Rents for one week + shipping = $84
still not super cheap but a good compromise for 
very special occasions.

and before I send it back I
took a few shots of the kids in the yard…..
Phoebe  just turned 14

Cooper – 11

Tate -15, 16 this summer
just  got his braces off last week…
…and the dogs…


and of course…

Have  a Great Day!!

2 thoughts on “lensrental.com and the SOL’s

  1. You are so not alone in the dread of SOL’s.

    I saw the pics on FB that Christa posted of the dance. I couldn’t help but notice how much Phoebe stood out of the crowd.

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