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Thank you so much for your kind words and your sweet inspirational stories! 

See..you moved me so much I am going to have TWO winners..and I am going to increase the discount to 20% off to anyone who left a comment that would like to order a pet portrait from NOW until APRIL 30. I have never offered a discount like this but you really made me feel so good…with your stories.

Congratulations to

C DARLENE JONES and her dog “Lily”


HOLLY PHILLIPS – who will have to choose between  ”Waffles”, “Junior”, “Turbo” OR “Henrietta”!!!

winners-please email me through this blog at your convenience to talk more about your paintings andand if you did not win don’t forget….you can still get 20% off any  pet portrait ordered before April 30 (my daughter’s birthday!)

the PRIZE:A 12″ X 12″ Custom pet Portrait by LESLI DEVITO -ME  !!
 (either by email OR HERE )
*LEAVE A COMMENT with your Pets name and A FUN FACT about your pet. 
GIVEAWAY CLOSES: Thursday April 18 at 8pm
 PER 1000 ENTRIES!!!
WINNER announced Friday at Noon April 19 as an addendum to this post...
PRIZE SHIPS: The United States and Canada
or Purchases of ANY Lesli DeVito Paintings 
placed by NOON on APRIL 25
 will receive 15% oFF
when you mention this GIVEAWAY…..

111 thoughts on “lesli devito CUSTOM PET PORTRAIT GIVEAWAY!!!

  1. My girl Delli is an awesome petite chocolate lab (Ghirardelli for the chocolate). We live in Colorado and her ‘fun fact’ is that she’s a snowboard pup… she loves to run in the snow and chases my husband when he goes in the backcountry. Picture a lab up running down a mountain in his snowboard track with snow up past her belly on either side of her!

  2. I got am email subscription through feed burner. I would love to give this pet portrait to my mom to thank her for helping so much when my son was born recently. She has a cocker spaniel named Rocky who is her sidekick. Their favorite thing to do is spend all day in her crafts room quilting.

  3. Bonus entry – I’m already following you on Facebook (and pinterest). Your color sense is so inspirational!

  4. We rescued our black labs Bodie & Beasley last year and are so grateful for the opportunity to be in their lives. They’re wonderful dogs!

  5. We have a Westie named Hobbes. He watched TV like no other dog I have seen. He goes crazy for animals, and when they run off the screen he “follows’ into the dining room to try and find them. Cute, but difficult if you are watching a movie with lots of animals!

  6. Lesli-
    I cannot resist since you know I love your work! Waffles is my marvelous mutt, Junior is my Jack Russell Terrier, Turbo is our bearded dragon and last but not least is Henrietta our Hedgehog. We love our pets so dearly. Life would not be the same without a cold nose.

    I already follow you on all the social media:)



  7. My dog’s name is Cash; he is an American Staffordshire Terrier. Cash LOVES to swim in front of our pontoon boat. People watching think he is pulling the boat!

  8. I have 2 dogs….Boudreaux, my Maltese, he coos like a pigeon when he wants us to play with him. He also has to sleep between me and my hubby under the covers, butt facing the pillows. Rudy, my lab mix, will run towards a toy to retrieve it, but makes us get it at the end by sitting there and staring at the toy. Once we get it, then he will engage in play again.

  9. When my son was a baby our lab, Tanner, would sit for hours in front of the bouncy seat “protecting” the baby.
    We adore Tanner and, now that he’s eleven, we would love a portrait so we can always see his adorable face.

  10. I love your dog portraits and have always wanted one for my pug Lucy. She’s 13 years old this May and was our first baby. She loves her daddy fiercely, following him around the house and resting her head on his feet whenever he stands still.

    I follow you on your blog and on pinterest.

  11. I would be so thrilled to have a portrait done of my new puppy Charlie! He’s only 5 months ago so he’s still exploring and learning about the whole world. Right now he’s really into sticks whether playing outside or holding one in his mouth while going for a walk! I am already dreaming about a portrait of him in my hallway gallery….

    Love your blog and the charm of your house. All your projects inspire me to redo all the wood furniture in my home!


  12. Already following!
    My pet is “Graham Cracker”. She is the sweetest family friend and she is unique because it’s almost her 14th birthday! She is a golden retriever.

  13. I have the most amazing little dog ever. She’s a maltese and terrior mix that I adopted from my local Humane Society. She is the smartest little thing ever. Her name is Gabby. She always goes and gets her leash when she’s ready to go out. & never say the word “chicken” or “walk” around her because she knows exactly what they mean. She’s the best decision I have ever made.

  14. I follow thru feedburner email. Would love to have a portrait of our maltese Benny! He is a total lap dog and loves to snuggle under blankets.


  15. Leslie, I LOVE your painting style and would love to have you paint a portrait of my Golden girl Bailey, that passed away in December. She was so funny and such a joy to have in our lives…I miss her everyday. I know you could capture her spirit in a painting of her.

  16. Already a follower!
    My girl’s name is Bentley and she is our first dog. Bentley is a little Yorkie, however she things she’s a much bigger dog! Bentley loves carrots!

  17. we have two dogs so i would have to choose….

    charlie: he is a pure beagle, but has a unique look with a full brown coat and white mask, no standard black/brown/white like most beagles. he’s a pretty reddish brown.

    jake: jake is my baby…. he follows me all over the house. but like a baby, he gets mad when i leave him and lets me know by taking tissues out of the trash and ripping them to shreds for me to cleanup when i return. 🙂

  18. My baby’s name is Henry. Interesting fact is that he’s addicted to ice cubes. I think he likes them even more than treats. It’s gotten to the point where he’s actual permanently scratched the door to the freezer (our freezer’s on the bottom) begging for ice cubes.

  19. I am following you through email subscription, liked you on Facebook and am now letting you know that my big pups name is Copper. He is a silly goldendoodle with a sweet personality. I love that he waits for my husband and I to get in bed and get to covers just right before jumping up and sleeping at my feet. What a gentleman!!

  20. We have three dogs and I would pick a name out of a hat if we are lucky enough to win.
    Maggie – yellow lab – full of energy, never misses anything, we call her our “Tigger”!
    Mollie – brown lab – sweet and lovable, we call her our “Eeyore”!
    Max – havanese – our little mischievous one!

  21. How wonderful! I’m already following you on Google Reader and Feedly. I have 3 smittens (smoochable kittens) and a quick love note about each: Maxwell is OCD with cleanliness so he needs to clean his paws after he plays with anything; Tobias Funke is delightfully shaped like a Hershey kiss and loves to run around the house yelling “ba-WOW”; and Grizwold, our only lady, is water obsessed and we can usually find her rolling around in the bathtub.

  22. I would love a custom portrait of my oldest Pug Monkey. I got her when I was in university and she has been with me ever since. She now has two younger sister pugs, whom she takes care of, and has brought up to be just like her. She insists on sitting in her toy box on top of all her toys so as to say “I’m still the boss of you”.

  23. Jacob Riley Thomason is our nearly-taken-back-at-least-three-times rescue pup. As a teeny, tiny puppy, he had no “off” button. Almost wild at times, he growled at every animal and human, would bite me constantly in “play” and chewed every pillow and shoe in our home. Now a 38 pound nervous/hyper shepherd mix, Jake has finally learned to calm down (most of the time) and make friends with the neighbors and their dogs on our daily walks. (It’s so funny that most ask how old my puppy is. He’s ten!) When he was one year old, we gave him a kitten named Lexi. They became instant pals. Jake taught her to sit for treats, and she loves to go on walks with us. More than anything he has brought such joy to our lives and has made the transition to an empty nest much easier. My “Jake” stories were a big hit with my elementary students and now that we are relocating yet again, he and I will train to become reading volunteers together. I’d love a portrait of my Jacob.

  24. I would love a portrait of my dog, Fiona. She’s a 1 1/2 year old Springer Spaniel. Fun fact: she has one brown front leg and one white one, which is unusual and very cute.

    P.S. I just subscribed to your blog, but I’ve been reading your blog regularly ever since your YHL house tour. It’s one of my top 5 favorites! I also have an old country house.

  25. Clover is a black lab that has to be touching you at all times. If she sits down next to you, she will put her paw on your foot just to feel connected!

  26. We have a yellow lab named Buster who we love like a child, he loves to ride in the car and is great to take on trips…he sleeps the whole way:) He is very precious to us and we are so honored to have him love us!

  27. AW, I love your pet portraits! We have a total menagerie at home…. two rescue dogs, Romy and Chester, plus 5 rescue cats – so plenty to choose from!!!!!

  28. Leaving a comment about our wonderful Jax, a mix breed rescue who has learned to spell. He gets *very* excited when we say “walk,” so unless we intend to go for one – at that very moment – we spell w-a-l-k. And now he recognizes that too. What a smart guy!

  29. I follow you via email and also follow all your boards on Pinterest! Love love love your blog!!! I have 3 adorable long haired dachshunds, Oscar, Gusgus and Lulu. All three dogs are the light of our lives – I am pretty sure I get a few quizzical looks (but always plenty of friendly smiles and chuckles) when I stroll Oscar in his stroller while walking the younger ones. Oscar just had neck surgery for a herniated disc, he is 9 years old and surely deserves a beautiful portrait of himself for all he’s been through! He is our “Grandpa” Gusgus and Lulu are two, they are brother and sister. Gusgus was the run of his litter, but is now the largest of the bunch! He is our “cowardly lion” who loves nothing more than to snuggle. Lulubelle is our beautiful girl, we have nicknamed her the “meerkat”, always on alert and keeping out a watchful eye. When we first adopted her we thought she might be a cat in a dogs body – she never looked us in the eye and very rarely gave kisses or affection. Apparently she just had to warm up to us because now she showers us with kisses and affection. We would love to have a custom pet portrait of these three!

  30. My dog, Gilmore is a 6 year old golden retriever. I often refer to him as my ‘third child’. He’s the most gentle, submissive animal I have ever met. Even the cat is the boss of him!
    I already follow your blog.

  31. LOVE your work!

    My faithful pet Sonny Boy is a mixed terrier shelter dog. Being a little biased , I would say ihe is the cutest and most smartest dog in the world. A little fun fact about Sonny is that he has one ear that stands staight up and one ear that folds down . The ear that is up swivels like a satellite dish when you talk to him. TOO CUTE!

  32. Of course I want one of one of our chickens. When Ozzy sees me in the yard, she always comes running up and starts chatting to me, following me around. I think if I let her in the house, she’d come in and have a cup of tea. Bonus, she’s one funky looking chicken. I just know you’d have fun painting her portrait.

    I follow you everywhere I can – pinterest, facebook and here.

  33. I would love a custom pet portrait of my favorite hen “Clementine”. She is a golden comet who is full of spunk. She loves to be held by our two little girls. Her favorite thing to do is run up to the car when we pull in the drive to beg for goldfish crackers.

  34. I would love a portrait of my baby girl Monique, a french bulldog/pug mix. She is amazing and fills my life with joy everyday! I love that she also responds to her other name which is “Gorgeous” even if I’m talking about something and say the word she comes running.

  35. My little rescued Cairne Terrier is named Frito. She got her name because her feet smell salty just like Fritos. The crossing guard at the nearby school just calls her Free. Having come from a breeder she’s a quirky little girl. It took me two years to coax her out of her chair to roam free. It took her a year to utter her first bark.

  36. A picture of Boomer is very famous on Ellen’s facebook page. He has several thousand likes!

  37. Molly can rotate her head 90 degrees to the side! I would die for a picture of that!

    Liked on Fbook & on Pinterest too! 🙂

  38. I’ve actually been saving my pennies to get a portrait of my husband’s cat Jake. So I really hope I win.

    Jake was a black cat. The sweetest, luckiest black cat that ever lived. My husband rescued him from a shelter when he was in culinary school in upstate NY. My husband was going through some rough times and he credits Jake with saving his live. He knew that Jake needed him to come home every night.

    I met Jake 12 years into their relationship. He lived to be 16 and passed away 4 years ago this past Sunday (4/14). To this day, my husband likes to tell me what his longest relationship was with Jake. I only have 6 more years until I can claim that spot. Until then, I’m the #2 and happy to be there. Jake was the sweetest cat. We miss him every day.

    Love your work. I have my fingers crossed that we win. – Teri

  39. We adopted our dog, Scooter, almost two years ago. It was right after both of my parents died (six days apart). He is the goofiest, most loving dog (WITH MANY ISSUES). My son loves it, when after a bath, Scooter runs around in circles rubbing his neck/face on the rugs, which is harder to do since we’ve put in hardwood floors!

  40. I have been a follower of yours by email. Your posts about your dad have really touched my heart.

  41. Would love this! Our sweet pup is Mia. She’s a rescue puppy. She’s learning the house rules…but in the mean time she’s chasing our hens and digging out of the yard!

  42. I follow you on google 🙂
    My puppy is an English Bulldog named Raleigh and he is turning ONE on Friday! We got him a cake and will be taking him to the dog park. A painting would be another great way to commemorate the day!

  43. So glad I found your blog. I love your new kitchen and your art. My dog is Napoleon. He is never up with the sun like dogs are suppose to be. He loves to sleep late. Following in email, also.

  44. Follow you by e-mail. My two fur-babies are Sophie and Coco. They are the sweetest, and I swear they think they are people. They always have to sleep next to each other in their doggie bed, and love each other so much.

  45. I LOVE your blog and your paintings! I follow on blogger, facebook, and pinterest – where I found you! I am a HUGE animal lover and rescue advocate. My sister and I adopted our sweet husky, Jasper, from the animal shelter and it was the best decision we ever made! He makes our lives so much happier with his sweet nature and husky “woo-woo’s.” One silly thing about our boy is that he only plays with frog toys – he is too smart for his own good! My husband and I just bought our first home and along with using your blog for inspiration, I would LOVE to have a custom painting of our sweet Jaspy boy to hang!

    Here’s a look at our beautiful boy: http://lovelydaytomorrow.blogspot.com/2013/04/paws-for-cause.html

  46. Already a pinterest follower! Our little Sam is probably the biggest not-overweight Yorkie you will meet…he weighs in at 14 lbs. He is my baby now that my three kids are all heading off to college.

  47. Subscribed for email and liked you on FB. But I don’t know which pet to tell you about! Simon, who was the Wonder Kitty, Lucy who would purr as soon as you said her name or touched her, Eli who is beautiful but not the brightest light on the Christmas tree (although he manipulates us very well) or Loki who is wonderfully smart & ornery?

  48. When we brought our little Silver Dapple Dachshund home I wanted to name her Lily, but my husband wasn’t very fond of that name. Later in the day the name Suki came to me and when I asked what he thought of that, he said that was nostalgic for him because his Grandma had a dog named Suki. I looked on the internet for the meaning of “Suki” and was surprised that it means “Lily” in Hebrew. She learns things very quickly, loves to play ball and fetch.
    She also gets just silly when I kiss her neck, leans back just enjoying it all. She has a vocabulary of different sounds
    according to what she wants us to do for her. Your custom painting of her would be just perfect!
    Your blog is fun and very interesting, I’ve liked you on Facebook and will be finding you on Pinterest.

  49. GiGi is my one year old boxer who just this week ate a squirrel she found in the yard-YUCK!! Love her sweet face, though!

  50. I have a 2 1/2 year old Labradoodle named Cooper. Even though he weighs 80 pounds, he thinks he is a lap dog.

  51. My dog’s name is Zoe. She is a schnoodle! She has so many fun facts because she is a little crazy and is only spurred on by my mother, but I think the best fun fact is that she has a “bed time” routine of saying her prayers and giving hugs.

  52. Our Lily – golden retriever – 1 year old.

    She once “escaped” my sister’s house (after we left her at home while we went to beach) by jumping through the screen window & spent 4 hours sitting on her front porch waiting for us to return!!! She is amazing. We LOVE her!!

  53. My pup, Scout, is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever and she is one of the greatest joys of my life! Whenever it is time to feed her and my cat, Burgundy, she runs around the house to find her squeaking toy duck. She then runs around squeaking the duck until I fill her bowl with food! It’s hilarious! We have hid it on her before to see what she will do and she scrambles around looking in every room for her precious duck! Adorable!

  54. My 3-year-old golden retriever, Sadie, would be the portrait subject if I win. She has a penchant for gloves, both on and off the hands!

  55. My sweet chocolate lab, Cocoa, is almost 11 years old. She is definitely getting to be a “senior” doggie – she is almost completely blind, but finds smart ways of coping, like barking at the bottom of the back porch steps when she goes out at night & can’t see her way back in. She waits for us to come out & guide her back up the steps. When we had a “surprise” 3rd child 5 years ago, I worried how she would be with a new baby/toddler. But she has been so gentle & lets him hug on her, lay on her while watching TV and is his constant companion. There’s nothing quite like a boy and his dog 🙂

  56. We have a sweet, fat, (and grouchy) old long hair Jack Russell named Angel. She is stubborn and has never played with any toys… she does however love ripping our socks off our feet and shaking them until they are appropriately slobbered and chewed. She also loves french fries..that is why she is fat. We no longer give her any..which is why she is grouchy. i like you on Facebook;) love your style

  57. I have a 13 y/o black lab named Tess. She will pretty much eat anything. One of her fav. pastimes is stealing the bananas off the counter and eating them. She leaves the peel behind usually on my dining room rug:)

  58. A friend mentioned you on FB for your use of color.

    We adopted Gaby, a 30 pound rescue mutt, white with black, who doesn’t know she’s not a cat! She can spend the whole day sleeping somewhere else, will say hi but then leave again… Since she came ‘fully loaded’, as in, house trained, great with “sit”, no counter surfing or bad habits she’s definitely a good ‘starter dog’. When we adopted her we kept in touch with the owners of her 5 puppies and every year we have a “family reunion”! I also ‘adopted’ the guy who pulled her and her babies out of the shelter. She’s been a great addition to our family!
    I subscribed via email.
    I like you on FB.
    I am leaving this comment.

  59. I’d actually like to get a pet portrait for my parents. Their wheaten terrier, Cooper, loves to swim in the lake behind their house!

  60. Not many request for cat paintings…but I have seen a few you have done and love them. Our guy is “CJ” which stands for Cow Junior. Our last black cat Cow was full of personality. He actually had an extra claw on each front paw, which looked like little thumbs. We named him Cow thinking he would grow to be huge…. Passed away at a “plump” 8lbs! CJ is a great cat we got as a 8 week old kitten. We got him about 4 years after Cow passed away and particularly chose him from the rescue organization because his mother was very petite–father we assume “was from a good neighborhood” so we hoped that he would be able to fill our hearts with laughter. That he did. The vet suggested we keep him inside for the first 6-9 months at least…this did not happen since he literally would climb the French doors with his claws and hang on them meowing loudly until we finally gave in and started letting him go outside for some adventures!

  61. I’m a long time follower of your blog! I love it and your home!

    I would LOVE to have a painting of our wonderful dog Moses. He is 7 years old and is our first baby! His fun fact is that he has very human-like brown eyes and as our vet describes “duck” fur that repels water!

    He means so much to our family and to our sons and one of your gorgeous paintings of him would be so wonderful!!


  62. My sweet baby is Murray and my husband’s bff is Maggie. We love them sooo much. I already follow you on Pinterest and FB. Looove your blog. Thanks so much!!!

  63. I am owned by a pack of shelties. The one I’d most like a portrait of is the old man of the group, Jakob, who will be 14 in a few weeks. The sheltie antics are endless but one his favorite activities is sitting on the back of the couch and watching everything that goes by the window. He’s a little blind and a little deaf but still not much can sneak past him. He thinks that broccoli and chicken nuggets are the best things ever and will ‘beg’ for either by putting his chin on your leg and staring at you while standing completely still until you give in.
    These pet portraits are great! I love the background colors you use! I follow via email!

  64. I have eight dogs, three of which are rescues….The rescues are a sheltie, a chihuahua and a pit bull….I love them all to pieces. Telling you fun facts about them all would fill up your whole page so I’ll tell you a shortened version of a very sweet story….

    In January 2008 on my bday, I went to the local petstore to buy some supplies for my bearded dragon…while there, I happened to glance at the puppies they had. Now….puppies in pet shops upset me because I know many come from puppy mills. They had the most darling sheltie puppy there, I asked to see him and spent some time loving on this sweet baby, despite my feelings about puppies in pet stores, and for a moment considered buying him for myself…. I talked myself out of the decision, kissed his sweet head and told him I hoped he found a loving family. Putting him back brought tears to my eyes… Fast forward six months….I was in petsmart with three of my shelties when I was approached by a lady with a sheltie….she spoke to me for a few minutes and ended up asking me if I would consider taking her baby. She was very pregnant, due any day, had numerous other very young children and said she also had several large breed dogs at home….just didn’t have time for the sheltie puppy but wanted him to go to someone who understood the breed. Her puppy was unusually loving and friendly towards me, as the breed is usually reserved towards strangers…. I told her I’d be happy to give him a home. She ended up mailing me his paperwork which included the original sales receipt from when she purchased him. You guessed it…my bday petshop puppy had somehow found me! I could not believe it. It made me wonder if he remembered me and that was the reason for his happy greeting in petsmart. If nothing else, he made me believe in fate that day…..the lady had purchased him just hours after I left the pet shop and so many things had to fall into place for me to meet him and then him end up with me six months later.. Hope you enjoyed my story…. Thank you for the chance to win!

  65. My 65 lb Labradoodle is named Pepsi. He has a black, curly coat and it is difficult to get a good photograph of him because he is so black! He is 4 years old and is a wonderful addition to our family. We love him very much!

    I follow you on FaceBook and I am also following your Pinterest Boards! I receive your blog through email, which has become a favourite!

    Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  66. I would love a portrait of my Yorkie Sassy, she is amazing and I just found out last June she has cushings disease. You don’t know how special a animal is to you until you know you are going to lose them. I love her, she is part of the family.

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