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      I have been digging, for letters and pictures, emails and  notes  from my Dad. 
Pieces of him and who he was to ME…
     This one I wrote to the grandparents on the first day of school….4 years ago…..

August 21, 2008
Dear Nannie and Pop Pop,
     This day, 12 years ago, Tate was 12  days old. Today, 12 years later he started middle school!!! No biggie, right, we all did it, right? Except this is my first born and I honestly can’t quite tell you how he got so big. I dropped him off, far away enough not to look too eager and close enough to see him walk away, with his big giant book bag flung across his back and his plaid shorts and his beloved new jacket, in the warm still summer morning and all I can say is that I HOPE I can stop crying by the time I pick him up.
     Everything seems so big, how did you ever let us out of the house? I have a new apprecation for how brave all of you are for EVER letting us go out into the big world, one grade at a time, one school at a time, one year and one child at a time. I foolishly thought that I had accomplished the biggest good bye when I sent him off to first grade and successfully, let Phoebe and  Cooper go thereafter. But oh no…there was so much more letting go to come,and I Thank you all for not telling me what you knew; that it would cause me untold heartbreak and unbelievable pride-concurrently!!! I guess we all have to get there, and I am sure that this one will seem easy in comparison to the even bigger goodbyes to come.
So I want to say Thank You, for Loving and Supporting us every step of the way. And for letting us go out into the big world so we could be right here, where we are.
LOve and Kisses, Lesli

…and my Dad’s short and vert SWEET reply…

Les -Heartfelt and sensitive. It was really nice.  .. I’d just remind you to keep it,  ’cause it will have a completely different meaning  later on in your life (and his!) .

You’re a brave girl, and we love you very  much!!   Dad 

Celebrating our LEO Birthday’s Together