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A slide show of my Dads life is being put together
….and as the family “photographer”, 
 I have been asked to share photos of my Dad.
I spent much of yesterday, in my bedroom, pulling the boxes of photos down from the closet shelf.
Remembering, crying, remembering laughing and crying and remembering.
Some of my personal favorites are the photos of my Dad with my 3 children.
Here are the photos from when they each met their
Pop Pop for the first time….and yes, indeed
It was LOVE at first sight.
My Dad and Nola happened to be visiting 
when I went into labor with my 
firstborn child, Tate.
It was a blessing for certain. 

He sat in that rocker and that chair and he held Tate for hours…
Tate never cried in his arms…
and then came Phoebe…the tiny package that came 3 weeks early…
and LOVED her Pop Pop from day ONE…
she loved his tie too…
Cooper arrived two hours before his due date…fat and sturdy and hungry 
and he LOVED his Pop Pop
and his Pop Pop LOVED him…
and I happen to think that Cooper looks a lot like his Pop Pop.

….the busy ness is good..helpful…it makes the time pass…
and I wonder how many people
are trying to stay busy this weekend…thinking about my Dad
and what a Great Guy he was.
and what a Great Grandfather he was…..
I know 10 people that were very very blessed to call him
their Pop Pop…


5 thoughts on “LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT

  1. Your father looks very sweet and wise. My sympathies to you and all his family and friends on your loss. I just found your blog and am going to admire all your beautiful art next… Will be back often, I’m sure.

  2. Lovely photos. His love for your babies is overflowing in those photos! Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this difficult time.

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