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masterbedoom2I was updating my Blog the other day…and was stunned at how little playing time
I have given our bedroom…I guess that is the story of my life…lol
YEP, THAT’S MY CEILING! Still boarded up after… THE INCIDENT! My Old Country Dump.

I invented the wall color by mixing 6 reject Benjamin Moore colors together –
and if you ever want to replicate it I also have the formula listed…
I love it because it is incredibly versatile.
I used to slam my walls with color…and invariably, I was painting and repainting every few years…
I desired a change.
I can’t think of one color that it would not look good with My GRAY and so
when I tire of the yellow, it will just be a matter of switching out the linens and pillows.
I purposely had the upholstered pieces done in GRAY tones as well , so they would also
have longer staying power… I am learning.

I think when you are decorating you have to really think about YOURSELF and how YOU like to decorate. NOT what everyone is doing, or saying you SHOULD do… but HOW DO YOU DECORATE??
Do you like to get it done…and then leave it for a long time? In this case, you may spend more initially, but you will save my not RE-DOING down the line. In addition, when you decorate this way, it pays to think LONG TERM and to choose more LONG term colors and fabrics, more traditional , classic pieces and colors.
OR Do you like to do a little bit, ALL the time, like me? In this case, I go item to item. It goes without saying that I am NEVER NOT on a budget, even if I was not on a budget…I would STILL BE on a budget. I am always looking for ways to get more for my money. But I also am completely swept away by colors and new looks. So for me, I have invested in KEY pieces, kept them more classic and traditional, the ones with GOOD BONES and then I play with pillows, and accessories. I hit sales and get something trendy, but because I don’t spend a TON of money on it, I don;t mind when I tire of it, and pass it on. Much of what I get now, I think in the back of my mind…”This will be great for Tate’s dorm room.” Or “This will be for Phoebe’s first apartment!”

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