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Every day is important.
But many resemble each other.
The ones where everything and nothing happens.
We chug along.
Then there are days…
where irreversible changes occur.
Some are bad,
And some are really really good.
And sometimes…
in fact…quite often…
 they both happen in the same week.
Yesterday, my youngest graduated elementary
He stands at the edge of that slippery slope called
where time beats the sound barrier.
And today, Phoebe
the middle child
graduates Middle School. 
I will now have TWO High Schoolers.
Whoa Nellie.
I have to chuckle when I watch the TV shows about people having babies.
How at the onset of this ride called parenthood
we need to know the answers to all of our questions?
“How long will it take?”
“Will it hurt?”
…..Forever….and Yes.
WE Agonize over ONE thing all day.
And then later…that one thing will be a slice, like a pixel
in a photo of an infinite number of pixels
That make a person.
And you sigh in relief that you are relatively in one piece.
It is ALL relative.
Congratulations Phoebe
You make this parenting thing an absolute joy.
You are who I want to be when I grow up. 
And like my Mom used to say
“I musta done something right!”
AH Mom.
You would be so proud.




  1. I loved reading this post! You and I have so much in common! My 14 year old, Hiller graduated from 8th grade on thursday at 8:15 and then Thomas my 11 yr old graduated from 5th grade at 10:30. I have a daughter who is a senior in college. My son I lost would be 25. Time passes too quickly. Savor every moment. but then I don’t need to tell you that…you already are!!! Cheers to you Mama!!! You are raising a beautiful family!!!

    1. Wow Lisa, parallel lives!!! It is always so wonderful to connect with someone who is in your same shoes…who sees the significance of special moments…I bet like me, you too are enjoying the first REAL day of summer vacation today! so good to hear from you!

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